La La Anthony Reflects on Playing Kiki in Drake's 'In My Feelings' Video
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The "Power" star gives TooFab a behind the scenes look at her incredible 2018.

La La Anthony says playing Kiki in Drake's "In My Feelings" video was nothing short of "amazing."

"That was one of the highlights of the year for sure," she told TooFab in an interview. "Being Kiki in the Kiki video was a great thing. Drake is a great friend and Phylicia Rashad was in the videos. It's really a cool experience and something I was really happy to be a part of."

When asked if she was "surprised" about the crazy viral sensation that became known as the "In My Feelings" Challenge, La La credited the success of the song and the dance challenge to Gen Z.

"Once the kids get their hands on stuff, like my son Kiyan at 11 years old, I know it's going to go [viral]," she said. "And once him and all his friends were doing it and he's like, 'Mom you got to learn this dance. You got to do this.'"

"I did it and my friends were doing it," she continued. "I was like, 'Oh, this thing is gonna go crazy.' And it really did, man. That song and that dance took on a life of its own."

Meanwhile, La La maintains one of the most enviable complexions in Hollywood. TooFab had to ask the "Think Like A Man" star to spill some of her beauty secrets. Recently, her pal Kim Kardashian spoke about not taking off her makeup before she goes to bed. (It's a no no people!) But even La La admitted that she has done it once or twice.

"I get why she's saying that because I've been guilty of it before, but a good makeup tip is to take your makeup off because you don't want to make it a habit of sleeping in makeup," La La said. "Your skin won't be able to handle that for too long, but every once in a while using a makeup job for two days. I don't see any harm in that."

The former "TRL" VJ's ultimate number one beauty secret is simple: Drink more water!

"Staying hydrated is important," she said. "That's something I'm always pretty much on top of other things I'm not as consistent with, but drinking water, staying hydrated is something I do."

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La La, who is a mother to 11-year-old son, Kiyan, also made sure to talk with us about flu season and her partnership with Lysol for their "One Less Sick Day" campaign. The star said she got involved with the campaign because of the "record breaking" cold and flu epidemics across the United States.

"As a mom, you know, I wanted to lend my voice to this cause because I know how important it is to make sure our kids are healthy and our kids go to school, being healthy," she said. "This partnership with Lysol has been amazing. And just getting the word out and providing parents with information on how to keep our kids healthy."

Now let's talk about the future. While 2018 was an incredible year for La La what can we expect from her in 2019?

"[You can expect] more positive, more success, just pushing myself hard," La La said also adding that wants to "continue to be a great mom and work really hard" next year. "That's what I'm about. And just continue to open doors for others who want to, you know, follow a similar path as mine."

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