The Property Brothers Empire Is Worth a Stupid Amount of Money -- They Sold How Much In 2018?!
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"There are probably less than 100 actors who make more than we do across our empire," says Jonathan.

The risks involved in house flipping clearly paid off for Jonathan and Drew Scott, better known as the HGTV duo "The Property Brothers."

The identical twins spilled about their ever-expanding empire in the new issue of Entrepreneur magazine, where it was revealed just how much their brand pulled in last year ... and the number is insane.

According to the publication, Scott Living -- their home goods brand that specialized in furniture, decor and the link -- cleared a half-billion dollars in sales in 2018. Of course, it's unclear how much of that the brothers themselves took home at the end of the day, but it doesn't sound like they're struggling.

"There are probably less than 100 actors who make more than we do across our empire," Jonathan told the magazine. "We thought it was the bee's knees to be a successful actor, but pursuing that would have never opened up this world to us."

Being a successful actor was actually Drew's true passion, something he attempted to take up after his first years working as a realtor alongside his brother. He high tailed it to Vancouver to try and make it work.

"When your business partner tells you he's leaving the province, you freak out," Jonathan recalled. "We'd never had this kind of money or success, and you want to move away and do acting?"

After a year of auditions and small gigs, Drew had racked up $140,000 in debt and realized it just wasn't going to happen. "I went back to my roots," he said, returning to his brother with some new contacts, contacts and clients which eventually led to their TV show. And the rest is history!

"Property Brothers" has aired for 13 seasons now, in addition to six HGTV spin-offs and their growing production company.

Check out the full profile over at Entrepreneur.

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