Derek Hough Reveals Jennifer Lopez Has a Car Just for Her Hair Extensions, Adamantly Denies Ever Dating J.Lo
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J.Lo's "World of Dance" co-star tells all before reenacting some of the most iconic Housewives dance moves in history.

Today in things that don't surprise us but should: Jennifer Lopez has a car just for her hair extensions.

That glorious nugget of information is courtesy of her "World of Dance" co-star, Derek Hough, who stopped by "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" with actor Scott Foley Thursday night.

"I came to the set of 'World of Dance,' and I look to the [right], and there's a car, like a Land Rover, and there's just hair hanging in the car," Derek told Andy. "She has her own car for her hair. It's amazing. It's incredible. Security and everything!"

Unsurprised entirely, Andy let out a very genuine, "Of course!"

"She'll need it because we went salsa dancing one time -- Jennifer and I, before A-Rod -- and we're sweating and there's a live band, and I dipped her, and I pulled her up after the dip and she kind of ran away, came back and was like, 'Derek, have you seen my hair?!' I had stepped on her hair [when I dipped her] and ripped her up and ripped it out of her head!"

Andy then asked the question that was on all of our minds after hearing that story: "Did you and J.Lo ever date?"

"No," Derek replied instantly. "No," he said again with a smile. "No," he muttered one more time, letting out a big belly laugh. "No! No. No. No." The audience was in stitches.

"Alllllright," Andy said with an unconvinced tone. "You got red, and you're smiling -- I don't know!"

Derek added nervously, "'Cause I've dated a lot of...I've dated a lot of...I went through a phase!" We have no idea what that means, but he did make sure to mention he and J.Lo went out dancing before Alex Rodriguez was in the picture. Hmmmmm.

Speaking of the retired Yankee, Derek recently revealed to TooFab that he had no idea who A-Rod was when he first met him! "So the first time I met Alex, he was like, 'Hey, man, my daughters are big fans of yours,'" Derek told us. "So I was like, 'Oh, thank you! What's your name?' And he goes, 'My name's Alex.' I'm like, 'Oh, cool, Alex. Nice to meet you, brother!' And then later on, I realized that was Alex as in A-Rod, the freaking legend!"

Back to "WWHL". Derek then gave us the gift we didn't deserve: He took on some of the most iconic Housewives dance moves and reenacted them in a game called Match That Dance.

The pro dancer absolutely nailed Ramona Singer's turtle time, Porsha Williams' oven twerk, Camille Grammer's Vegas club dance, Kenya Moore's "Gone with the Wind" twirl" and Lisa Rinna dancing on a table on a yacht.

Andy was legitimately sweating -- and so were we.

It was then Scott's turn to be put in the hot seat with a game called Holy Moley Scott Foley. Here's how it worked: Andy asked his guest a "dishy, industry question." For each one he avoided answering, Andy and Derek got to "mess up his flawless mug with stick-on moles."

Lucky for us, Scott answered everything, including the juiciest Q: "Who was your worst on-screen kiss."

"Tyra Banks," he said reluctantly. "She was just not into it. I think it was her first on-screen kiss, and I was so excited about it, but it was...a lot bigger than it needed to be or should have been, which isn't always bad, but most of them are great, and that one was -- oh, she's gonna kill me."

The two swapped spit in the WB drama series, "Felicity," back in the early 2000s.

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