'Teen Mom' Stars and Their Kids

Jenelle's mother was supposed to meet with her daughter's first baby daddy ... here's what went down instead.

Barbara's trip to the big city was a bust on Monday's new episode of "Teen Mom 2," after Jenelle Evans' ex, Andrew Lewis, failed to show up for a meeting.

A few episodes back, Lewis began reaching out to the show's producers, trying to arrange a visit with him and his son, Jace. It's been seven years since he's seen Jenelle in person and neither she or her mother were immediately sold on arranging a meeting.

Instead, Barb said she'd be happy to meet up with him in New York -- where he now lives -- so she could see firsthand whether he's turned his life around. He said he had, but Jenelle believes he's "never sober."

But when it came time for the big face-to-face, Andrew was nowhere to be found. To say Barbara was furious would be an understatement.

Here's how her voicemail to him went:

"Andrew, hi, it's Barbara. Look, I traveled all the way up to New York to see you and you don't even have the decency to meet me? This is your loss, not mine. You would think you would want to see pictures of Jace or talk about Jace. This will be the last time I ever attempt to come see you again because this is, to stand me up is just wrong."

She hung up and called him a "piece of shit," before telling the show's producers she never liked him because he's "weird" and "an alcoholic."

Just as she was trash talking him, however, Lewis called back and explained he was with his family in Florida, where his father was battling Stage 3 lung cancer. The prognosis didn't look good.

"You don't have to meet me in person, we can discuss Jace right now," he said, sounding annoyed. Barbara told him some vague details about the boy, before asking whether Andrew has a history of ADHD in his family, as Jace is being treated for it.

He didn't know, so he handed the phone to his mom, who said they didn't. She then talked up her son, saying he's "not the same person you used to know" and adding, "I think you would be proud of the turnaround."

Barb was still frustrated Andrew didn't let her or the show's production team know that he wouldn't be in the city to film and closed the door on him meeting Jace for now. She was open, however, to bringing Jace down to Florida to meet Andrew's mother, something Jenelle seemed okay with as well.

In the end, both Barbara and Jenelle decided they may wait until Jace is a teenager to reintroduce his father into his life.

"Teen Mom 2" airs Mondays on MTV.

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