Jenelle Evans Hits Back at Kail Lowry's Claims She Had 'Teen Mom' Costar's Back: 'You're Fake'
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"Don't act like you're my hero now," Jenelle tweeted, then deleted.

Jenelle Evans clearly isn't too thrilled about some of "Teen Mom 2" costar Kail Lowry's comments about her on Monday's new episode.

This morning, the reality star vented her frustrations with Lowry on Twitter, tweeting and deleting one message, while leaving the other up for her followers to read.

In case you missed it, Lowry sent all her costars a care package with her new haircare products on last night's episode, Evans included. Jenelle, however, was ticked at recent comments Kail made about her husband, David, and decided to torch the gift and post the video to Instagram. Lowry expressed disappointment in Evans' reaction, as she claimed to be Jenelle's strongest ally in the cast.

"The thing is, for her to act like this, I've done a lot for her through the years," Kail claimed. "I really truly stuck up for her the most in the beginning. I bailed her out of jail. I called out of work one day when she was strung out on drugs and I drove to Jersey, picked her up and took her to the airport because she was strung out on fucking heroin who the f--k knows."

In response to Lowry, Evans tweeted, "Lmfao don't act like you're my hero now. You gave me a ride in the past to pick up my mom... that's helping someone's entire life and doing 'so much' for them?"

"You're fake, always have been," she added in a tweet that's since been deleted. "Don't like you. Sorry. Just stop talking about me? Thanks."

She followed that up with another message praising her mom, Barbara.

"If anything the ONLY woman that helped me through my deepest darkest time was my MOTHER," wrote Jenelle. "Thanks to her I was able to get through it all and overcome everything. 💓 #TeenMom2"

During last night's episode, Jenelle griped that Kail sent her a "peace gathering" without reaching out to try and squash their beef by talking to each other first.

"I'm like, oh, so you're not even going to reach out to me and apologize, but you're gonna go to the tabloids and brag about your product that you just sent to my house?" Evans said.

Lowry responded to that criticism last night on Twitter, but hasn't said anything else about Jenelle since the episode aired.

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