Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Slam Stephanie Pratt and Whitney Port as 'Hills' Feud Escalates
The Stars of 'The Hills' -- Then & Now

Montag says she currently has "no friends on the show" amid feud with 'Hills' costars.

"The Hills" drama is going to be hot when the show returns this summer, as one brutal fight between Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and their costars unfolds in front of our very eyes.

Days after Stephanie Pratt slammed her brother and sister-in-law's alleged behavior on her podcast, Speidi took to their own podcast to hit right back this morning. In the process, they also revealed some new beef with costar Whitney Port.

If you missed all off Stephanie's comments -- and there were a lot of them -- get a full breakdown here:

"It's been a really hard week for me. I had a lot of on-'Hills' drama with a family member and that was very challenging and heartbreaking," said Heidi at the top of the show, alluding to Stephanie but never once referring to her by name. "I felt like there were some very below-the-belt, nasty comments that weren't even true."

"That was hard enough to deal with and on top of that, this person was trying to go up to my friends off camera and it was just a lot to deal with," she continued.

As the podcast went on, Heidi began to address issues with a number of friends and costars, without naming any of them. One of her biggest issues, it seems, is seeing her costars continue to be buddy-buddy with Stephanie after her comments about the couple.

"I thought one person was more of a friend and then she's like, 'I'm friends with her but I'm really good friends with you,'" Montag explained. "I was like, 'Oh my gosh, I didn't even know you were friends with her. When this other cast member got in a fight with her, you were very defensive of her other friend.' It's interesting seeing everybody's true selves."

"I know with my friends, if they have a big problem with somebody, I'll be nice to them but I'm not going to like go butter them up and try to hang out with them," she added. She said this unnamed person was "very defensive" when she brought up the issue, as they responded to her on text saying, "Eff you, eff this."

"Not only did I have one of the most intense, hardest, on-camera moments. Then I had all this off-camera drama, it was just really heartbreaking and hard and especially with someone so close to you," she continued. "You're like, wow you've been in my home and I feel like you're part of my family and a really good friend just to turn on my so quickly. And then my other friend was like, oh yeah, she was talking crap about you in front of a whole table and it was just a heartbreaking, sad thing."

Looking at this whole mess now, Montag said she currently has "no friends on the show" and doesn't know any of them all that well. "Some of them I only met a few months ago and it's not like I trusted anyone with secrets because I've learned that there's a lot of fair weather friends," she added.

According to Heidi, she's not the one who "instigates drama," but noted that "it certainly has been coming after me." As it continues to pile on, she promised she wouldn't sit back and take it -- saying, "there's no way I'm not standing up for myself and my family and what I believe in, so it's on."

Spencer eventually chimed in, saying his wife "is not playing, it's game on."

While Heidi did her best to not refer to her cohosts by name, Pratt had no problem revealing they have beef with Whitney now after everything that's allegedly transpired. "We are definitely not having Whitney Port on the podcast," he adamantly declared, after she had previously been announced as a guest. "If you were looking forward to that, that will never be happening. Newsflash."

"I don't have anything bad to say about her, we're just not friends," Heidi added, as Spencer said, "That's definitely never happening."

"The line's been drawn and people are making it known where people want to stand or not stand with us and that's fine," Montag concluded. "We are Speidi, we've always been a team, that's all that matters. On the old 'Hills' it was just Spencer and I and it looks like it's gonna be the same."

With filming still happening for the first season, Pratt also promised, "They're not ready for what's coming. I'm turnt up, let's go!"

"The Hills: New Beginnings premieres June 24 on MTV.

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