Why Rebel Wilson Called Anne Hathaway an 'Animatronic C--k Tease'
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"The Hustle" co-stars opened up on "The Graham Norton Show" about the insults that were flying on the set of their upcoming film.

Things got absolutely filthy between Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson ... and the ladies were loving every second of it.

The actresses shared the story of just how raunchy things got on the set of their upcoming film "The Hustle" during a visit to "The Graham Norton Show." Let's just say the female-led remake of "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" is challenging the original for shocking content and language.

It all came down to the freedom director Chris Addison gave his cast during filming to ad-lib some of their lines. And when you have a world-class comedic talent like Rebel Wilson on set, you have to expect she's going to bring her best, which is absolutely the worst.

Hathaway loved every minute of it. "She enjoys when I, like, insult her," Wilson told Norton. "She's so very easy to insult."

"It's true," Hathaway conceded. "You're really good at it. My favorite is when you called me an animatronic c--k tease."

According to Wilson, though, Hathaway gave as good as she got, even going so far as to make an unflattering comparison between Wilson and Russell Crowe. But there's a twist in that tale, as well.

But while it might sound like Wilson has the upper hand on Hathaway in the film, the roles are actually reversed with the Aussie actress portraying an up-and-coming con artist Hathaway takes under her wing.

The film is Addison's directorial debut, which makes it even more refreshing that the "Veep" executive producer knew what he had in his talent and allowed them the freedom to flex their talents while filming.

They're certainly hoping all that hard work will pay off when "The Hustle" hits theaters on Friday, May 10.

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