Darth Vader Vs Obi-Wan Kenobi Re-imagined in Stunning Fan Made Video (Exclusive Details)
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The circle is now complete.

"Your powers are weak, old man," Darth Vader once shaded Obi-Wan, and let's face it, he was kinda right.

But a group of filmmakers have recreated the famous lightsaber duel between the two from "Star Wars: A New Hope" — and it is a sight to behold.

The fan-made clip, "Scene 38 ReImagined" created by FXitinPost, depicts what the saga's first ever Jedi v Sith fight would have looked like if it were filmed today.

The 1977 original scrap, while obviously still miles ahead of its time, is a rather tame affair when compared to the blistering fight scene in the prequel and sequel trilogies, from Darth Maul's double-bladed face off against a younger Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn in 1999's "The Phantom Menace," to "The Last Jedi's" Rey and Kylo Ren showdown against Snoke's Praetorian Guards in 2017.

Fans maintain the restrained choreography between the 63-year-old Alec Guinness and the 42-year-old David Prowse perfectly encapsulated decades-old opponents and former friends who completely had the measure of each other.

But the intense new version conjures a furious Vader, unleashing twenty years of hate and resentment, having lost his legs, hair, skin, lungs, wife and unborn child(ren) the last time they met on Mustafar.

The six-minute clip seamlessly mixes footage and dialogue from the original film with frenetic new choreography, with Vader summoning the Force to bombard his former mentor with flying debris, as he did against his son Luke Skywalker in "The Empire Strikes Back."

One case even explodes, seeing the Sith-lord momentarily catch fire, further fueling his rage. He monstrously advances throughout the fight, almost decapitating his opponent by throwing his lightsaber, using the Force to remotely slash at his neck after it becomes embedded in a Death Star wall.

Unlike the original, in which Obi-Wan decides to sacrifice himself after an evenly matched exchange, the new clip sees Old Ben resolutely beaten by his old apprentice. After a last ditch attempt at a Force push is checked by Vader, Obi-Wan accepts it is he who cannot win, and accepts his fate, allowing himself to be cut down.

Vader's normal confident and calculated style of fencing was a hallmark of the original trilogy; but fans did get a taste of this more aggressive style when he briefly appeared in a frightening cameo in 2016's "Rogue One", as he hacked down rebels at the film's climax.

Star Wars fans know of course that age bears no restriction on skills with a lightsaber; one of the saga's wildest fights took place in 2002's "Attack Of The Clones", between Count Dooku — played by the then 80-year-old Christopher Lee — and the 900+-year-old Yoda.

Reaction to the clip was overwhelmingly positive, with many die-hards even calling for the original film to be reissued with the new fight scene, and many more demanding the team be hired for future Star Wars films.

The film's producer Christopher Clements told TooFab exclusively on Friday that the labor of love took two and a half years to create.

"Our goal for Scene 38 was to take a 40-year-old scene with iconic characters and update it to reflect the history we now are aware of between Vader and Kenobi," he said. "Once we saw Rogue One, we knew that the Vader we saw in that hallway was one we wanted to see in the duel on the Death Star."

"Updating the fight choreography and VFX were just tools to help us convey the rage Vader must feel towards his former master. He had been waiting a long time to get this moment, and we wanted to showcase that release of anger and raw fury."

He admitted the visual effects for the amazing video were highly challenging, because the entire thing was shot on green screen.

"Nearly everything you are seeing in Scene 38 Reimagined is CGI, aside from our actors in costume," Chris revealed.

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