Everyone Takes the Iron Throne In Character Posters for Final 'Game of Thrones' Season

"Is it hot in here, or did you just get burned?"

They didn't have the best of relationships on "Game Of Thrones".

And the tension between Samwell Tarly and his dad Randyll spilled onto Twitter on Friday when actors John Bradley and James Faulkner got into a good-natured tiff.

It started off innocently enough when Faulkner paid his "son" a very rare compliment, but wanted to know the whereabouts of the family sword Sam stole midway through season six.

"Samwell, you have surprised us all at Horn Hill. Clearly the pen mightier than the sword. Btw where is 'Heartsbane'?" he tweeted.

In the show, the gruff Randyll despised his sweet-natured and bookish eldest son for being "soft", favoring his more like-minded second-born Dickon... so much so that he disinherited Sam by sending him to join the Night's Watch so his little brother would be the family heir.

The question was a valid one: in a recent episode, Samwell gifted Heartsbane — one of the very few remaining Valyrian steel swords remaining in Westeros — to his friend Jorah Mormont (similarly, Jorah's father and Night's Watch Lord Commander Jeor Mormont didn't pass Longclaw to his disgraced son, giving it instead to Jon Snow).

Jorah fell in the Battle Of Winterfell protecting Daenerys, and is seen being burned on a funeral pyre in the most recent episode — but the priceless sword is never mentioned.

But on Friday, Samwell shot back at his "dad" — cheekily making fun of the fact he had been executed and burned alive via dragonfire at Daenerys' command in Season 7.

"Dad you’re embarrassing me in front of my friends. Is it hot in here, or did you just get burned? Oh, sorry. How insensitive of me. Bread? Yes please!" he tweeted.

"PS Don’t ask me where it is. I gave it to somebody and I the last time I saw him Dany was setting him on fire. You and him should be friends. You have so much in common. PPS how are you tweeting?"

Randyll, unimpressed with his son's backtalk, replied: "Samwell, did you just give me the finger?"

With the defeat of the Night King and his white Walkers half way through the final season (thanks Arya), the formerly plot-vital Valyrian steel weapons now appear to have lost all relevance.

Just two installments of the HBO fantasy epic remain, with the final ever episode now just nine days away.

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