'Trial By Fire' Inspiration Elizabeth Gilbert Says Celebrity Activists Should Use Their Platforms to Enact Change
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"I think we're morally compelled to speak out when things are unjust," Gilbert tells TooFab.

Playwright Elizabeth Gilbert says "the more activists the better," including reality stars like Kim Kardashian.

TooFab asked Gilbert -- whose determination to help a man she believed was innocent go free is the basis of the new film "Trial By Fire" -- what she thinks of celebrities like Kardashian getting involved in activism despite critics telling them to stay in their lane.

Earlier this year, Kardashian revealed her ambition to study law and take the bar exam, after her recent work advocating for prison reform.

"They have a platform. I didn't have the platform," Gilbert said. "I was a successful playwright and I had won awards and was known in the city and I didn't have enough of a platform to get attention to this. Anyone who has a position, whether they're in film or theater or literary or even a dog catcher, if you have a way to get the information out, I think you should. I think we're morally compelled to speak out when things are unjust."

"That's my idea of a just world, don't maintain your silence, speak up," she continued. "I was doing that on an individual level as a teacher, you know, and then this particular story took it to another level, but it's the same idea that you can't remain silent. It's death if we don't speak up."

"Trial By Fire" follows the true story of the strong bond between an inmate on death row, Cameron Todd Willingham (played by Jack O'Donnell), and a mother of two from Houston, Elizabeth Gilbert (played by Laura Dern). Together, they fought for his freedom after Willingham was convicted of an arson-related triple homicide in 1992.

The film from Roadside Attractions is based on a New Yorker piece by David Grann of the same name.

"Trial By Fire" is in select theaters now

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