'RHONY' Recap: Bethenny Unloads on 'Insufferable' and 'Sick' Luann After She Mocks Tinsley for Slurring Her Words
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"I did your intervention, and my f--king boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, ex-fiancé died of an overdose, and you haven't checked in on me! Do you understand?!" Bethenny fires at Lu.

We hope you're sitting down for this recap because it's a lot to take in.

On Wednesday's "Real Housewives of New York," Bethenny Frankel completely and utterly lost her you-know-what on Luann de Lesseps. We're not exaggerating when we say it was comparable to the time she called her a whore in The Berkshires.

But before we get to the complete carnage that took place at a Miami restaurant the cast is likely no longer welcome at, let's start with the catalysts.

For weeks, the ladies have been growing more and more agitated with Luann for not being present with them or caring about what's going on in their lives. They've said they feel Lu only cares about herself, her cabaret and her sobriety -- which all reared its ugly head at the end of their Miami vacation.

At the top of the hour, Bethenny and Ramona Singer had a conversation with Sonja Morgan about her drinking habits (after all, she did drunkenly smash her face on the dining room table last episode). Sonja was way more receptive to what they had to say than she was to what Lu had to say because she felt Lu was coming from a place of judgment. Plain and simple, Bethenny and Ramona said they were worried about Sonja and urged her to attend an AA meeting with Luann. She agreed.

Before Luann and Sonja left for their meeting, Lu's friend, Barbara Kavovit, revealed to all the ladies that she hadn't been feeling welcomed or liked by them. All Luann did was say that it was probably the "energy" Barbara was putting off, then headed out for her meeting, leaving her friend to fend for herself.

Bethenny took Barbara aside to get to the bottom of why she was feeling the way she was feeling. "If you guys would rather me go home, I'll go home," Barbara said with tears in her eyes. But Bethenny assured her she wanted her to stay and urged her to branch out from her friendship with Lu so that she could get to know the other women. Barbara smiled, gave Bethenny a hug and agreed to stay. Off they went to South Beach.

Sonja was perhaps not emotionally ready for everything the AA meeting involved because she left it feeling quite traumatized, but she didn't express that until she and Lu met up with the other ladies at a fancy hotel pool. All of a sudden, Sonja was complaining about there being sand everywhere and that their cabana was wet. She started to panic and cry and begged the ladies to leave. It was odd, but it was evident there was something deeper going on, and most of the ladies picked up on it. Bethenny, Ramona, Barbara, Dorinda Medley and Tinsley Mortimer sat with Sonja and listened to what she had to say. The meeting was too much for her. She said the stories she heard made her insanely sad and that she didn't feel she needed to be there.

The women agreed to head back home for lunch, but Lu was not in the mood. "Anybody want to go for a swim on the beach?" she asked while Sonja still had tears in her eyes. "I'm gonna go for a swim. I'll see you back at the house." Bethenny could not believe what she was hearing.

Back at the house, Bethenny made crab cakes for lunch while Sonja opened up about how she felt abandoned by Luann for encouraging her to go to AA and then not being there for her for the aftermath. The ladies also noticed that Barbara was able to open up more and be herself when Lu was not around.

Elsewhere, Luann was enjoying some alone time on the beach, ignoring Ramona's text messages asking if she could bring back two orders of truffle fries from the hotel. On the way back to the house, Luann stopped to take a photo in front of a sign promoting her cabaret show.

The women were livid with Luann's behavior, and the tension only grew until everything exploded at dinner the following night.

After their drinks arrived, Barbara decided to open up to Luann about how she had been feeling. She said she put her whole life on hold for Luann's intervention and that she didn't feel the love and support was being reciprocated. In the middle of Barbara explaining her emotions to Luann, Lu got up to go give her a hug. It felt to Bethenny as though Lu was trying to put a band-aid on the situation, which really got under her skin.

"I felt so protective of you, Lu, because I'm protective of the people that I love," Barbara explained, which Lu said was "not my fault."

"It kind of is, though," Tinsley interjected. "Because you let Barbara do that for you, have the shield, protect you in that way -- and you never [stick up] for her."

"I never what?" Luann asked while mocking Tinsley for slurring the words "stick up."

"OH!" Bethenny exclaimed. She had seen red. There was no turning back.

"You're insufferable! You're insufferable!" she shouted as she slammed her hands on the table.

"Oh, wow. What a day this has been," Lu said.

"This is it! Are you gonna sing it? Sing it!" Bethenny shouted.

"Jesus, I go for a swim, and this is what happens? Gotta be careful when you leave the room in this group, huh?" Lu said before asking Bethenny if she was done.

She was far from done.

"I have a question, Countess. When's the last time you asked me how I am about Dennis?" Bethenny asked. "When's the last time?"

Luann replied, "When's the last time you asked me how I am?"

"All the time!" Bethenny shot back. "You are intolerable. You never change. 'Cause you never change 'cause you dined out on your sobriety. You're dining out on it. Yes, you are. Dining out. Yes, you are."

Lu denied she was using her sobriety as a crutch and was offended Bethenny would even go there. "B Strong? You should be so proud of yourself. You're bully strong," she said.

"Let me explain something to you clearly," Bethenny fired back, still slamming her hands on the table. "Dennis helped you with your case 100 percent. When's the last time you asked me how I feel about it? You actually are [the only one who hasn't checked in on me]. Unnerving. It's unnerving!"

Lu said the evening had become "not enjoyable" for her, which Bethenny said was because "the truth hurts."

"I'm so mad!" Bethenny said as she shot up from the table, hands flailing, eyes bulging. "I did your intervention, and my f--king boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, ex-fiancé died of an overdose, and you haven't checked in on me! Do you understand?! I did your intervention while my guy died of a drug overdose. And you haven't asked how I am! He died! He's in the ground!"

By this point, Bethenny was in Lu's face as Lu kept saying she had definitely checked in on Bethenny.

"No, you haven't! No, you haven't! Not one time!" Bethenny shouted before mimicking Lu. "'I'm going through a lot. Come to my thing.' Cabaret! F--king Cuban cabaret upstate. And cabaret, cabaret, cabaret all day. LIFE IS NOT A CABARET. It is actually not a cabaret!"

"Wow, look at you," Lu replied calmly.

"Look in the f--king mirror! Look at me?!" Bethenny hurled across the table. "You never checked in on Dennis. Not once! You've never asked about Dennis. You never asked. YOU NEVER ASKED! No, you don't. No, you don't! Every day it's about you. Every f--king day it's about you. Every f--king second it's about you. 'Ohhh, because I didn't get a massage.' BECAUSE YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE THAT DIDN'T EVEN HAVE LUNCH WITH US TODAY, BUT YOU GO TO LOOK AT YOUR OWN POSTER!"

"I went for a swim at the beach, for God's sake," Luann replied, but it fell on deaf ears. Bethenny had officially lost it. She was slamming glasses and throwing napkins before she legitimately started to hyperventilate.

"Do you understand it was a whole weekend?!" Bethenny rambled as she huffed and puffed. "I took weeks of my life for you! ... I had lawyers come to your house on a Sunday. I spoke to your kids. I sat outside on your driveway to make sure that you didn't drive your car! You almost crashed the (inaudible) and killed your friends! You were running in a field in negligee and had to be taken in cop cars, and I made sure that they didn't record it so you ultimately didn't get arrested! You left the f--king rehab that I got you for free two weeks early FOR CABARET! YOU'RE A SICKO. FOR CABARET? YOU LEFT REHAB? I got it for free! You're sick!!!"

To be continued next week...

"The Real Housewives of New York" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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