Canceled or Renewed: The Fate of Every TV Show In 2019 (So Far)

Wu's costar sounds off on the "Ugh. F--k" heard round the internet.

Constance Wu wasn't the only one surprised by ABC's renewal of "Fresh Off the Boat," according to costar Randall Park.

The actor appeared on The Big Ticket with Marc Malkin this week, where talk eventually turned to Wu's rage tweets the day the show was picked up for a sixth season by the network. "So upset right now that I'm literally crying," she tweeted. She added, "F--king hell" and "Ugh. F--k," and responded to one fan calling it "great news" by saying, "No it's not."

Wu eventually apologized and explained the show's renewal "meant I had to give up another project that I was really passionate about." Speaking with Malkin, Park said he didn't expect the show to come back either.

"I thought that last one would be the last one, because literally, the season finale was like a bookend to the pilot," he explained. "Everyone kind of thought that and we weren't sure if we could keep going."

"She certainly thought that," he added of Wu, "She was in for a surprise and we all were." Saying there were still "a lot more stories to tell" on the show, Park also said he could also understand where Wu was coming from.

"For sure. It was kind of a thing where if it didn't get picked up, I was prepared for it to not get picked up and I was excited for these other things I could do," he said. "But if it did get picked up, I was also like, oh, all I ever wanted was a job and a regular job and to work with great people. So yeah, it's amazing."

"There's been no talk of recasting Constance," said ABC president Karey Burke. "We love what she does on the show and we love the show. I did actually know that Constance had another opportunity that had 'Fresh Off the Boat' not gone forward, she would've pursued."

Burke addressed Wu's tweets at the network's Upfront presentation in May. According to her, the show's renewal was never really in question.

"We never really considered not bringing back 'Fresh Off the Boat,'" she said. "The show is just too strong for us and we love it."

"I'm going to choose to believe Constance's most recent communication about the show, that she is happy to return," added Burke. "The cast and crew is happy to have her back and we're thrilled to have her on the show."

Read Wu's full statement about the social media mess below: