'RHONY' Recap: Bethenny and Luann Face Aftermath of Miami Blowout, Tinsley Vows to Freeze Dead Dog
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The explosive moment almost drove Luann to drink ... here's what happened instead.

Thursday's episode of "The Real Housewives of New York" picked up where last week's left off -- with Bethenny Frankel doing everything short of breathing into a brown paper bag to regain her cool after brutally exploding on Luann de Lesseps on their Miami vacation.

In case you missed the episode we believe is worthy of an Emmy, Bethenny lost it on Luann after Lu mocked Tinsley Mortimer for slurring her words at dinner. Bethenny called Luann "insufferable" and "sick" before she accused her of never checking in on her following the overdose and death of her boyfriend, Dennis Shields. It. Was. Insane.

Luann walked away while Bethenny caught her breath at the top of tonight's hour. She was instantly flooded with remorse for unleashing feelings on Lu that didn't necessarily all pertain to her. Ramona Singer said she felt Bethenny had "an aha moment when she realized maybe if she gave Dennis what she tried to give to Luann, Dennis would be alive."

Lu ended up walking away and telling Dorinda Medley she was going to go out with friends. During a later confessional, Lu revealed she had every intention of drinking.

But somehow, some way, the stars aligned and Luann wasn't able to get a ride, so she went back to the table and asked the ladies if they could talk things out calmly. "I don't know what to say. I feel terrible," Lu said as she uncharacteristically began to cry. Everyone was open to hearing her out.

Luann sincerely and tearfully apologized to Barbara Kavovit for dismissing her feelings, to Bethenny for not checking in more, and to everyone else for being so wrapped up in herself.

"I'm sorry, Barbara, 'cause I love you. You know that," she began. "I'm sorry if I've been wrapped up in myself. Selfishly, I've been dealing with what I've had to deal with, which is a lot. Bethenny, obviously, the death of Dennis was a major thing, and I want you to know that I really thought he was a very special guy, and I really liked him a lot. And I'm sorry if I didn't wanna keep bringing it up because I didn't wanna [hurt you]. You just kind of moved on, and I didn't wanna keep bringing it up."

Bethenny issued her own heartfelt apology to Luann, explaining that the outburst was a bit of an out-of-body experience.

"I'm not mad at you. I want only the best for you," Bethenny replied. "I want your sobriety, I want you to go to your meetings, I want you to do yoga, I want you to be successful, I want your cabaret to be good, I like your kids. I'm not mad at you. That's it. I'm just sitting here doing me, and I bit off a little bit more than I can chew. And I'm not complaining, I'm just digesting it slowly. So today, I vomited it all out."

In person, the ladies were receptive of the other's comments. During their confessionals, however, they took on different tones. Bethenny doubted Luann would really change, saying, "I would say maybe she'll change, but I don't know. I don't see many leopards walking around with no spots." In her confessional, Lu said she was willing to say anything to make Bethenny let up.

Back at the house, a tipsy Dorinda went to go check on Bethenny and reassured her it was okay to still be grieving Dennis' passing. The two cried and bonded over having lost a significant other too soon. The next morning, Bethenny dipped out early.

"What would a trip be if I wasn't the last to arrive and the first to leave?" she joked. "But I always make my mark during the short time I stay!"

When the others woke up, Ramona dropped a bomb on her once-BFF Sonja Morgan: She was staying an extra day or two because a friend got her a ticket to Art Basel. Sonja was upset but not surprised, as that's been the theme of the season. Tinsley Mortimer was also eager to get home because her 12-year-old chihuahua, Bambi, was dying of cancer.

Back in New York, Bethenny and Dorinda were discussing the trip when Bethenny revealed Lu had been texting her manically. Dorinda felt some type of way about it because she felt she was "crucified" by Lu after her own outburst in Cartagena, yet Bethenny's getting a gold star?

Later, Tinsley was faced with the death of her dog, and when we tell you she was hysterical, we mean this is the first time we've ever seen the girl without her lashes. She sobbed uncontrollably on Ramona, saying she lost her "everything."

"His little head flopped over, and I was like, 'NOOOOO!'" Tinsley blubbered. "I called 9-1-1, and then the fire trucks came, but they couldn't revive him." She was understandably inconsolable. Sonja showed up, and even she was taken aback by Tinsley's state -- "and that's coming from someone that had a dog funeral!"

"Now if I have a kid, I swear to God, I'm naming it Bambi," Tins said. "And I now feel like I'm gonna get another tattoo, and I'm gonna get Bambi."

Tinsley also said she was planning on freezing Bambi and then thawing him out so that her mom and sister could hold him for the viewing. (You read this correctly.) This is legitimately how Sonja responded: "I had to put my dog in my own freezer because it happened late at night."

Apparently, Tinsley's ex-boyfriend, Scott, offered his condolences by buying her Gucci sneakers that were named Bambi. The ladies were confused. Dorinda, especially, began to grow suspicious about how Tinsley was able to maintain her lifestyle post-split, but we're gonna get more of that next week.

Later, Ramona told Luann she had no interest in going to her Christmas cabaret show and that the others couldn't go either because she had already planned a surprise party for Sonja and Dorinda for that same day. She also refused to move the time of the party so everyone could make it to both events.

At the end of the episode, the ladies all participated in a '80s aerobics class, and everyone got along! That is until Ramona invited Barbara to the surprise party, only to tell her she wouldn't be able to attend because of Lu's cabaret show. Thank God for Bethenny, who stepped in and said they'd all find a way to make both events work.

The ladies won't be singing "Kumbaya" for long, though, because next week looks intense!

"The Real Housewives of New York" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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