Richard Dreyfuss Claims Bill Murray Was a 'Drunken Irish Bully', Threw Ashtray at Him
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"I didn't talk about it for years," the actor said of the alleged altercation.

Richard Dreyfuss claims Bill Murray was a "drunken Irish bully" when they filmed the 1991 comedy "What About Bob."

In the latest episode of Yahoo's "Role Recall," the 71-year-old Oscar winner claimed he had a violent encounter with Murray one night while filming the comedy.

"I didn't talk about it for years," Dreyfuss began. "Bill just got drunk at dinner. He was an Irish drunken bully, is what he was."

Dreyfuss went on to allege: "He came back from dinner. He walked in, and I said, 'Read this [script tweak], I think it's really funny.' And he put his face next to me, nose-to-nose. And he screamed at the top of his lungs, 'Everyone hates you! You are tolerated!'"

"There was no time to react," the actor continued, "because he leaned back and he took a modern glass-blown ashtray. He threw it at my face from [only a couple feet away]. And it weighed about three-quarters of a pound. And he missed me. He tried to hit me. I got up and left."

TooFab has contacted an attorney for Bill Murray seeking comment on these claims.

While that was the extent of Dreyfuss speaking about Murray, the actor also recounted another wild anecdote that happened behind-the-scenes -- this time while filming "American Graffiti" with Harrison Ford and Bo Hopkins.

When asked about the debauchery that went down on set, Dreyfuss recalled, "Harrison [Ford] and the leader of the gang [Bo Hopkins], one night the two of them got drunk, "I was walking by and they threw me into the pool. And that was OK, except they threw me into the shallow end, and I got an egg on my forehead. And then there was the usual, 'Who's gonna f--k that girl?'"

"The Goodbye Girl" star also got candid about his role in the now classic film "Jaws." Although the iconic thriller went on to win three Oscars, Dreyfuss said he had many doubts about the movie.

"Everyone had thought they had struck gold, and I said, 'What are you talking about? It's just a little movie,'" Dreyfuss said. "So when the film was released, I found myself going back to the talk shows and saying 'I'm the guy who didn't believe in it.'"

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