The Veronicas Are Back with Lots of Pride, No Regrets and Their Own Reality Show (Exclusive)
Celebrity Sightings From Los Angeles Pride 2019

Jessica and Lisa Origliasso's pop-icon status has remained virtually "untouched" for over a decade.

Remember "Untouched"? Remember "4ever"? They're still iconic, and so are Jessica and Lisa Origliasso.

The 34-year-old Brisbane-born twin sisters, better known as pop duo The Veronicas, made their big return to touring just in time for 2019 Pride. They've performed in Orlando and Los Angeles, and plan to take on Chicago and New York next.

"Pride means being proud of who you are no matter what anybody else tells you or thinks of you, including -- especially -- society and the societal norms that we've been fed since we were young," Jess told TooFab during a recent interview. "Personal freedom, personal sexual liberation."

Lisa added that, to her, Pride means "centering your voice around celebrating diverse, unique, beautiful souls. Equality. Using our music and our voice and that platform that we have to spread that message and provide as much visibility as we possibly can."

Although Pride is typically celebrated during the month of June, The Veronicas would like for it to become a worldwide, year-round mentality.

"Pride month, everyone's on board with it, but what about the rest of the year?" Jess asked. "And so that's really a reflection of, wherever you are in the world, it's still very much that mentality. It's all okay for the month of June, but any other month, it's not. You have to hide who you are. I think it's about extending out what Pride actually means in that it is an everyday empowerment for people. And really, that comes down to mainstream media and people in a position of power -- big corporations -- to start representing all diversity."

The girls agreed their favorite performance to date was the one they had at L.A. Pride.

"Los Angeles was absolutely insane," Jess said, before Lisa added, "When we got off stage, we actually looked at each other and were like, 'I think that was the best show we've ever played.' Just because -- it was just the energy from the crowd, all the love that we were receiving. And everyone was just having the best time."

Jess explained that they "put together a really special show" for all their Pride appearances because the LGBTQ+ community has always meant so much to them. (Yes, "Untouched" is on the set list. No, they're not sick of singing it.)

In fact, the 2007 track -- which made the girls the first Australian artists to score a platinum record for downloads in the U.S. -- was featured in the 2009 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, as cameras captured a lingerie-clad Heidi Klum rocking out to it.

"It was a career highlight for sure," Lisa said, before Jess copped to watching that YouTube video "yearly."

The Veronicas' new song, "Think of Me," embodies a concept all too familiar to most of us: Does my ex still think of me?

"Lisa and I tend to write from personal experiences or drawing from something that either we're going through or a friend of ours or somebody close to us is going through," Jess explained of the track, as Lisa quipped, "Maybe that's why it's hard to find friends."

"This song was written off the back of a breakup and sort of reflecting on a relationship where you realize you definitely gave more than you got," Jess added, remaining mum about which ex she had in mind.

Although Jess is currently dating fellow musician Kai Carlton, she's been romantically linked to actress Ruby Rose, Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins and Badflower guitarist Josh Katz.

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In speaking about the meaning of the song, we got into a conversation about how regrets can also be opportunities to learn lessons.

"Well, depends on the relationship, really," Jess noted. "Sometimes there's regrets! It's always good to not have regrets. I think the most important thing is to not regret your own behavior or your own contribution in something, and never compromise your integrity in a situation."

As for the gorgeous backdrops of the song's music video, those are courtesy of Queenstown, New Zealand.

"It starts off in a memory-erasing clinic," Lisa explained. "So that's why we're in those crazy Sci-Fi chairs. It's sort of stepping into a new world where it's all about you."

And one thing that's sure to be "all about" them is MTV's upcoming reality show, "Jess & Lisa: The Veronicas," which is set to premiere this fall.

"It's like we manifested it," Lisa explained. "Just existing the way we do, for some reason, there's this drama that sort of follows us 24/7. We're always like, 'Gosh, we need our own reality show, because if there are cameras in this situation, it would maybe be kinda funny, but since there aren't, it's just really tragic and we're just miserable.'"

Although the identical twins literally developed together, grew up together, work together and socialize together, they do have their own lives. Jess and Lisa both live in L.A. but reside in separate quarters.

"You know what it is, I just realized, because we're identical twins and we've got each other, we're very much a one-person-has-my-attention sort of people," Lisa explained. "So it's like, we have beautiful friends who are around, but because of the lifestyle we live, we don't actually spend all that much time in one place. So we just gravitate to just hanging out with our partner."

Noting that she and her sister tend to be homebodies, Lisa added, "Our career is our social time, so if we're playing gigs, our fans are our friends."

Laughing, Jess interrupted, "So what you're saying is we haven't developed interpersonal relationships outside of our partners and each other."

Fascinatingly enough, Lisa's married to a triplet! (Fraternal, but still.) And while she says her husband and his siblings speak their own language, it's nothing compared to the bond Lisa shares with Jess.

Don't believe us? Watch these two finish each other's sentences in the video above.

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