'Euphoria' Trvp Twinz Open Up About Drugs, Drake, Sending Nudes and All Those Penises (Exclusive)
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"A lot of people look at high school like... it's supposed to be like 'High School Musical' or something. I'm glad 'Euphoria' is trying to show what's really going on in high school today."

It's shocking, harrowing, enlightening, mesmerizing and — thanks mainly to these two guys — very funny.

Twins Tristan and Tyler Timmons, AKA "Euphoria"'s Roy and Troy McKay, are two of the show's biggest breakout stars amid a small galaxy of them, and they stopped in to TooFab to chat about their controversial hit HBO series.

"It's been a big variety of reactions," said Tyler. "like, a lot of people love it, but there's a different type of crowd that's like 'it's too much'. All the nudity, and drugs. But I take it all as good."

The show follows 17-year-old drug addict Rue Bennet — played by a superb Zendaya — as she navigates school-life filled with sex and drugs... and none of it is an exaggeration, according to the 16-year-old twins.

"A lot of the aspects of the show you see with the drugs and the sex and the relationships, you see that a lot in high school nowadays," Tyler said. "We still go to regular high school. So, we know it's like really like a lot of similarities between the show and real life."

"It's exposing the real," his brother added.

Tyler continued: "A lot of people look at high school like it's bright and like on TV, like it's supposed to be like 'High School Musical' or something. I'm glad 'Euphoria' is trying to show like what's really going on in high school today."

"There are a lot of kids at our school for example that you know, do experiment with drugs. It's real," Tristan added, as Tyler confirmed: "It's a growing problem, the drug thing in high school."

The depiction of drugs in the show is, the twins agree, a double edged sword. While the tripping scenes — thanks to some mesmerizing direction and set pieces — draw you in, the consequences scenes — such as Rue's OD or a gut-churning scene involving a terrifying drug dealer and a fleck of fentanyl — spit you right back out again.

"I think they do a really good job of showing both sides of [the drug scene]," Tristan mused. "Because drugs, for people that do them, it's like the best thing ever; but for people that don't to them, we don't get to see like, how do they feel? The show does a really good job of showing like how someone on drugs feels... but then it shows the very bad side of drugs. It does a good job of showing both."

Another thing the series shows is penises — lots of them. In the second episode, eagle-eyed fans counted 31.

The twins laughed off the fact that "the world went crazy" at the sight of male genitalia. "I have no position on them," Tristan joked. "I mean if you got one rock it, if you don't it's cool you know, that's my only position on it."

Unlike many twins who get into the industry, the Tyler and Tristan didn't start out as infants playing the same role (so the cranky/crying/sleeping twin can be subbed out for a lookalike). In fact, their very first role was in last year's "Black Panther", where they played the teens playing basketball when the Wakandans descend on Oakland California.

They auditioned for a single role, and the directors liked them so much they split it in two... which is exactly what happened when they both auditioned for a single role on "Euphoria" too. Originally, there was one role written for the younger brother of Algee Smith's Chris" McKay, and another for the brother's friend. But after seeing the boys perform, the writers re-wrote the friend as a twin brother.

And while the twins undoubtedly have some of the show's funniest lines, they revealed most of their dialogue is ad-libbed.

"When we were recording, that was improv; all of that stuff we were saying that just came out of our head," Tyler said. "Yeah, that was improv. So, all the funny stuff that was just me and him, you know, just going through the scene and just making the best of it."

For anyone struggling to tell the Trvp Twinz (as they are known on YouTube, pronounced 'trap' FYI) apart, Tyler reveals he has a scar on his cheek, while Tristan's hair is slightly longer. Tyler admits he is more of a talker, while Tristan claims to be more laid back, more "behind the scenes".

They don't mind when people confuse them... unless it's their parents.

"I feel like I'm only annoyed when my parents confuse me, cause like, you gave me the name. C'mon now! She did it yesterday!"

As for the remaining episodes of Euphoria — which has already been renewed for a second season — Tristan said expect "craziness"

"Jaw drops. A lot of jaw droppers," Tyler concluded. "And a lot of ah... might be sadness. A feeling of victory though. A great feeling of victory too."

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