Bow Wow Body-Shames Wendy Williams After She Calls Him Out and Twitter Is Not Having It
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Wendy Williams took issue with Bow Wow referencing his mid-2000s relationship with Ciara during a concert performance where he said, "I had this bitch first."

Bow Wow took to body-shaming after Wendy Williams called him out on her show for dissing his ex-girlfriend Ciara at a concert. Let's just say it appears a feud is officially being declared. Let's break it down.

It all started when Bow Wow came up as a Hot Topic on "The Wendy Williams" show last week. She called out the rapper for his stage antics while performing his one-time Ciara collaboration "Like U." During that performance he took the time to tell his audience, "I had this bitch first. You know that right?"

Was it just name-dropping? Is he still bitter? Either way, Williams did not care for his use of the b-word to describe his ex -- the couple dated from 2004 to 2006 -- and, as she does, put it out there as plain as day.

"Here's the thing. It's very distasteful, you know what I'm saying? We've all had somebody before we had you, man," Williams said. "But to be shirtless in a club, calling her a b***h, you are so wrong for that."

She then did take a jab at Bow Wow's height, saying that he was standing on his tip-toes in an old picture of him with Ciara (he was), which was stooping to personal attacks. Bow Wow and Ciara are both listed at 5'7" per Google.

In response, Bow Wow doubled down with his own personal attack, body-shaming the talk show host via Twitter. He shared a paparazzi pic of Williams in a bikini on the beach and captioned it, "They say its a hot girl summer." He then appended a series of emojis including a hazard sign as well as laughing and sick faces.

Needless to say, the diss was not well-received by Bow Wow's social media fans, or Twitter in general, with several of them calling the rapper out for the low blow. Others were quick to remind him of his own recent scandals, like lying about flying on a private jet and allegedly spray-painting on abs. Still others pointed out that as Bow Wow has a daughter, he should know better than to go the body-shaming route.

The bottom line is it's not okay, and his fans weren't shy to tell him so. And of course, everyone is waiting to see how Williams responds on her show, because you just know she will!

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