Jermaine Jones Questions Equal Pay for Women Who Play Soccer in Leagues that 'Suck' (Exclusive)
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"She gets the whole season paid, and plays in a league where you can say that you suck."

Jermaine Jones is advising women to pipe down about equal pay, despite the current US National Mens Team advocating for it.

The former men's US International player claimed that the female athletes "screaming" about parity might see it "backfire real quick" -- as some of the women are currently earning more than the men.

Speaking at the "Love and Listings" premiere party in LA, the defensive midfielder insisted that men's and women's soccer were not really comparable: "Of course as men we know it's tougher to win a World Cup than the girls."

He argued that the women's track record in the sport (four-time World Cup winners) against the men's (one quarter finals appearance, aside from a third-place finish in the very first World Cup in 1930, which had just 13 teams) was not comparing like with like.

"There is a big difference between men's sport and women's sport," he said. "Give me one country where the girls get paid the same as the men. There is just no country."

He pointed to a pre-season game in which the US Women's National Team were beaten by LA Galaxy's under-16 team "6-1 or something."

"The girls, they are calling and screaming a little bit for more respect and (to be) more appreciated for what they are doing, and that's I think more the case why they are saying all this," Jones surmised.

He also singled out Alex Morgan, who he claimed makes more money than some of the male players.

"Some players who play MLS, they play men's national team, can make less than a woman who gets a salary cap through the national team, not through her club, and that's a big difference," he said.

"We're coming, and we get not paid. We have to play games and win games," he continued. "She gets the whole season paid, and plays in a league where you can say that you suck."

He warned: "I think they have to be careful too, because you have players (like) Alex Morgan, they are making more than some of the guys, but then they scream out and say 'we need more money'. It can backfire real quick."

This week, U.S. Soccer Federation President Carlos Cordeiro released a letter claiming the women have been paid more than the men in recent years; the letter was heavily criticized by the Men's National Team.

"The Federation downplays contributions to the sport when it suits them,” the USMNT’s statement said, reiterating it stood with its female counterparts in their pursuit of equal pay.

"This is more of the same from a Federation that is constantly in disputes and litigation and focuses on increasing revenue and profits without any idea how to use that money to grow the sport."

It accused the federation of false accounting by alleging the women's team lost $28million in the past 11 years, by not including sponsorship, television or marketing. "What US sports team makes money if they don't count television, sponsorship and marketing revenue?" they asked.

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