'Real World' Star Strips Off All Her Clothes to Reveal -- and Embrace -- Her Insecurities (Exclusive)
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"I have hair on my nipples ... it's normal for your stomach to jiggle!" proclaims Yasmin.

"The Real World" is known for highlighting culture clashes between housemates, but for Yasmin Almokhamad, she's battling with her own self-confidence.

In this week's new episode of Facebook Watch's Atlanta-based season, the reality star's fearlessness falters before a body positivity panel. In the TooFab exclusive clip below, viewers see her strip down as she reclaims her confidence by opening up about her own securities.

"After the panel I realized I need to face my personal insecurities, because my body's going to be my body no matter what it is," she says in a confessional. Speaking to viewers and taking off pieces of clothing as she speaks, Yasmin then gets incredibly honest.

"This is my body. I have hair on my knuckles, hair on my hands, hair on my lower back and it goes in my butt crack," she explains. "I'm going to show you my nipples, even if you're not allowed to see, I have hair on my nipples."

"Do you see, this is not a conventional tear-drop boob shape," she continues. "I have this armpit fat right here, I'm insecure about that. I have a double chin. I have this cellulite right here. Now I'm taking off my underwear and I'm really naked. It's so normal to have hair on your body, it's normal for your stomach to jiggle. You know what's amazing? All the things my body can do."

Among the things she's proud her body can do? Jumping jacks and the ability to touch her nose with her tongue.

"This is the body we have and this is what we get to live on this earth with," she says in closing. "Hopefully, I will embrace my body more and hopefully you will learn to embrace yours."

Daily scenes drop Monday through Wednesday on Facebook Watch, with full episodes hitting every Thursday night at 6pm PT.

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