'Queer Eye' Cast Kiss and Tell: Teaching Harry Styles Grindr, Gym Hookups and More
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Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski found themselves in the hot seats facing questions about their sex lives, show and styles.

The Fab Five of Netflix's "Queer Eye" dominated the clubhouse Thursday night as they faced Andy Cohen's barrage of awkward questions. At least in one segment, they could always opt to make out with one another rather than answer his questions.

It was a digital game of Spin the Bottle as Cohen was determined to destroy their strongly held assertions that none of the five of them had ever hooked up or even made out.

If they wanted to keep that streak going, they were going to have to be willing to fess up to questions like who was their least favorite of the original "Queer Eye" cast and who was the worst travel companion of the new cast.

It turns out the answer to a lot of those question is ... well, what's the harm in one little kiss?

Karamo Brown actually opted to answer his question, though he may have immediately regretted the decision as he quickly added, "My mother's going to kill me."

Andy asked him the wildest place he'd ever gotten down and dirty and he shot back "the gym" before quickly amending it to, "It was more in the locker room." Andy tried to make him feel better by assuring him he's not the first person to get "down and dirty" at the gym.

Andy also asked them who's rocking that "big dick energy" and what they find most annoying about their fans, but we're not ones to kiss and tell ... or tell if they kissed ... or told.

High School Five

Perhaps one of the most inspired questions Andy could have asked the Fab Five was what their style was like in high school. Were they always this fabulous and put together? Well one of them insisted that he most certainly was ("I was sexy in high school"), and we'll give you zero guesses who that was.

The other four had a lot of fun talking about their high school woes. Who admitted to wearing "Abercrombie & Fitch parachute pants in bright orange with a fitted green muscle tee from Abercrombie that said 'All-Nighter' and Stan Smiths"?

Who rocked their hair with a "Justin Bieber sweep and then spikey in the back"? And who sported "Martin Van Buren sideburns" and "ketchup-and-mustard hair color." At least we know they were fashion-forward even then.

Well, most of them. We're probably not going to be able to give it up for the guy sporting the "awkward Christian farmboy" look. Check out the above video to see if you guessed right!

Grindr Styles

Later in the show, the guys fielded questions from viewers and it got a little awkward at times, and we're not even talking about when Karamo opened up about the time they introduced Harry Styles to Grindr.

It was on a cruise with Bobby Berk and both guys were surprised Harry knew nothing about this app. "He had never seen Grindr before and it was kind of cute. There's like the straight guy was like there's an app where you can just find a date?"

Shady Calls

Karamo then dropped some shade without even realizing it when they were asked which show made them tear up the most. All the other guys were talking about how touched they were by one guest or another and Karamo simply said, "I make them cry, I don't cry."

He tried to say he wasn't being shady -- "I'm there for a job." -- but his co-stars weren't going to let him off the hook like that. Jonathan Van Ness immediately told him that was totally shady. The show is all about connecting with these people and here he is suggesting that he's just there doing a job and none of the people they've met have meant anything to him.

Even if it's true, that's not what the people want or need to hear.

The strangest things came from some of the callers, though, with one woman who didn't know any of their names complaining that she liked the original cast better and telling Jonathan that she didn't like all the beards on the show as it reminds her of "Duck Dynasty."

Jonathan gave a very reasoned response, sprinkled with a bit of sass as punctuation for the caller.

"Beards are like makeup for men's faces, is the way I think about it," he said. "I think of beards and facial hair as a way to contour the face and I think that beards are really fun."

As for the "Ducky Dynasty" cast, he thinks their "beards are a little bit wearing them."

"I would encourage you to watch a few more episodes," Jonathan told the caller sweetly, adding, "At least learn our names!"

But it was the final caller of the night who just put it out there with a very uncomfortable question. Andy and the guys were joined by two female "Top Chef" contestants, so this woman decided that she should call and ask if any of them had ever been with a woman. The group went ahead and answered who had and who was a gold star gay.

Turns out only two of the seven people on that stage had been with a woman, if we felt the need to know. Talk about an awkward exchange!


It was even more awkward than when Cohen put Antoni Porowski on the spot by showing him dishes made by various celebrities, chef and otherwise, to see what he thought of them ... before revealing who made them. Let's just say there was no way to win this one unless Antoni simply said that everything looked wonderful and he loved it all.

He tried to do just that. He really did. You can check out who he may have upset in the clip below:

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