'Full House' Star Scott Weinger 'Confused' Candace Cameron with 'Aladdin' Premiere Invite (Exclusive)
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Revisit the World Premiere of the 2019 'Aladdin' Remake

The big question on Cameron's mind: Was it a date?

Candace Cameron Bure and Scott Weinger were already friends and "Full House" costars by the time "Aladdin" came out in 1992, but when he invited her to the premiere of the animated movie, the actress had no idea what to think.

With the original animated movie rereleasing as part of the Walt Disney Signature Collection later this month, Weinger -- who was the OG voice of Al -- reflects on making the film and its legacy in this exclusive sneak peek at the "Aladdin on Aladdin" bonus feature.

"Ah the premiere. Documenting my Aladdin journey wouldn't be complete without talking to my date from that amazing night," he says in the clip, before meeting up with Cameron.

"It was like a casual thing, because we were working on 'Full House' that day and then we drove all the way to Hollywood for the premiere," recalled Scott, who played DJ's boyfriend Steve on the show. "I don't think I knew what we were getting into. I knew we were going to the premiere of the movie, but I didn't realize it was like, they shut down Hollywood Blvd."

Though he called it a "casual thing," at the time, Cameron thought it could have been something more.

"I had no idea either and I remember kind of thinking, 'Scott and I are just friends and he invited me to the premiere. But is this a date or is it not,'" she explained. "I was kind of confused and didn't know and at 16 I wasn't about to ask."

Looking back now, they both agreed that, yes, it totally was a date.

"After I saw the movie and saw what you did and that you were the voice of Aladdin, that changed everything," Candace told her costar, "it was mind-blowing."

Both the live-action and original animated versions of the film will hit 4K Ultra HD, Digital In HD and Movies Anywhere on August 27, before physical copies drop September 10.

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