'RHOC' Star Emily Simpson Confirms Husband Shane Failed California Bar Exam (Exclusive)
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Emily says she knows "everyone in the world is trying to figure out if he passed or not," but didn't want to spoil the storyline.

"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Emily Simpson has confirmed to TooFab that her husband did not pass the California bar exam.

After watching Shane Simpson move out of his family home and into a hotel for 10 days to study for the notoriously difficult test he's failed a three times before, we asked Emily the question on every Bravo fan's mind: Did he pass?

After a brief pause, the Orange County-based copyright attorney sighed and said, "Uh, no. He did not."

"I'll tell you the timing of it was really horrible," Emily elaborated. "He took the bar in February, right when we started filming, and he got his results on the day we filmed the finale. The timing was awful. It was horrible."

Emily said she knows "everyone in the world is trying to figure out if he passed or not," but didn't want to spoil the results, which Bravo confirmed will air on the current season. Unfortunately for the Simpsons, that cat jumped out of the bag early when curious fans were unable to find Shane's name in State Bar of California's records.

Simpson told us Shane took the exam again in July and will receive those results in November. "With the way my life works, I'm sure it'll be the day of the reunion!" she quipped.

Fans of the show were introduced to Emily and her sarcastic, straight-edge husband during Season 13 of the Bravo series. But this year, Shane's "cold" and "dismissive" attitude left his wife too scared to watch what cameras captured.

In a recent interview with TooFab, Emily revealed she hasn't "watched any of the full episodes. That's how difficult it is for me. I obviously know what's going on in the episodes just because Shane watches them, my sister watches them. I'm on social media, so I see clips and I see people talking about it, but it almost makes me nauseous to watch it. It's not easy. So sometimes it's just easier for me to just separate myself from it completely. It's hard, it really is."

"It was always hard for me to watch, even last year when Shane and I weren't really having issues like we are this year," she added. "I have a hard time just watching myself in general. Like, I can't stand my voice, I can't stand the faces I make. I guess I'm probably over-critical of myself. But this year, it was just much more personal because it's such a bird's-eye view into our life and marriage, and sometimes, you just don't wanna relive that. You're like, 'Been there, done that! It was bad then; I don't need to watch it again.'"

Coming back for her second season of the longest-standing Housewives franchise, Emily said she was more prepared logistically, but less prepared emotionally.

"I think going into a second season, obviously now you know what to expect as far as all aspects -- production, time commitments, all those kinds of things that you don't know going into the first one -- so I feel like I was more savvy just as far as logistics," she told us.

"But it was a rough time for me to go into filming because there was a lot going on between me and Shane and a lot of stress with him studying for the bar and not being around, and then me trying to take care of three little kids," she added. "And I was working at that time, too. So logistically, I knew what I was getting into, but emotionally and physically, it was more draining."

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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