'Kim Kardashian of Organized Crime' Found Dead in Man's Bed in Mexico
Kim Kardashian Takes Us Back to the '90s

She rose to Insta fame with her lavish posts, featuring sports cars and wads of cash, lions and leopards, gold plated and hot pink assault rifles.

The so-called "Kim Kardashian of Organized Crime" has been found dead in Mexico, according to reports.

Claudia Ochoa Felix, who picked up the dubious nickname because of her resemblance to the KUWTK star as well as her sexy Instagram posts, was rumored to be the leader of El Chapo's Sinaloa Cartel assassination squad, per The Telegraph.

The 35-year-old spent her final night at a nightclub with a man, Spanish-language outlet La Pensa reported, and returned to his home in Culiacan. When he tried to wake her in the morning, she was non-responsive, and he called local authorities.

It wasn't immediately clear if the death was accidental or if foul play was involved, and an official cause of death has not been established; differing reports claim a drug overdose, as well as pulmonary aspiration (when food or drink are inhaled rather than swallowed).

The mother-of-three was previously was married to Jose Rodrigo Arechiga, AKA "El Chino Ántrax", and allegedly took over his role in the drug cartel when he was imprisoned, earning her the second nickname, the "Empress of Antrax", local news reported.

In 2014 she rose to Insta fame with her lavish posts, featuring sports cars and wads of cash, lions and leopards; in one infamous pic she flashed her gold-plated plated AK-47, while in another she brandished a hot pink one.

At the time, the model denied all accusations of connections to the gang, calling them "cowardly lies and slander."

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