Snooki Accuses Jen Harley of 'Intentionally' Showing Off Bruises After Ronnie's Arrest
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"You don’t have to be wearing a tank top, showing your bruises and the bruise on your leg," says the star, as she and The Situation address Ron's arrest.

Calling the whole situation "very bizarre," both Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino shared their extremely candid thoughts on costar Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley's volatile relationship, after Ron was arrested following an alleged domestic violence incident with the mother of his child.

On Thursday's new episode of Snooki's "It's Happening" podcast, the reality TV star criticized Harley after photos of her were posted to TMZ, showing her with visible scarring and bruising.

"My thing is with Jen, in this photo -- because there's a photo released, she's out to lunch with Ariana, she's wearing a tank top and shorts and she has bruises everywhere -- I feel like she went out intentionally to get a photo of her," said the "Jersey Shore" star.

"You don't have to be wearing a tank top, showing your bruises and the bruise on your leg," Polizzi continued. "She's wearing booty shorts to show it off. Like, girl, you can go out with your daughter and have lunch, but cover those up so it's not a thing. She wants it to be a thing. She wants to show off her bruises. We don't know how she got her bruises."

"This whole situation is very bizarre," said Sitch, adding that he prays for Ronnie, Jen and their daughter.

"He's not answering texts. I've been texting for days. Like, 'Listen,'" he continued. "At first, I was a bit stern and I was like, 'Wake the f--k up and call me.' We're worried. And then he didn't answer back and then I went with a little softer approach. Like, 'Bro, I'm here for you.'"

Nicole claimed she sent him a number of emoji hugs and said she was there for him, but hadn't heard anything in return either. According to Snooki, Ronnie has been responding to one of the show's producers.

"When I see him, I'm gonna let him know that I support him and that if he wanted any advice, obviously we'll give it," said Mike. "Because there are, what is it, three sides to a story? His side, her side and the truth. I don't really know what happened, so we're gonna have to speak to him first to get his truth and then we can sort of try to guide him going forward, to move forward and put these mistakes behind him, turn these Ls into lessons."

Snooki first addressed Ron's arrest on her podcast last week, saying she learned it happened from a group text with her cast mates. "It's not a great story," she said of the allegations, "I just hope for everyone's well-being that everyone's okay, especially the baby."

She added she thought the two were simply trying to make it work between them for their daughter, but said it's clearly a "toxic relationship."

"We're like nervous, it's definitely not a good relationship for both of them," she added. "The reason why we're so all over it and always talking about it is because he doesn't. We have no idea what's going on. This shit is not good and we're all worried."

Ronnie was booked on kidnapping and domestic violence charges last week, but was released after posting a $100,000 bail. He's currently under an emergency protective order, meaning he can't come within 100 yards of Jen. The order is in place until October 11.