Aaron Carter Reveals He Wishes He Got Emancipated from His Mother (Exclusive)
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Carter tears up as he gives a message to his younger self.

In 2003, Aaron Carter filed for emancipation from his mother. Though he withdrew the filing, he now wishes he had gone through with it.

In an exclusive clip from Friday's new episode of "Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition," Carter, his mom Jane and the rest of the show's cast watch two young actors play out a disturbing memory from Aaron's childhood.

"I've been sick for 5 days and it just keeps on getting worse," says Aaron's younger self. "[Mom's] in the main house partying with her boyfriend. She doesn't know I'm sick. I really miss my family. I just want to be a family again like we used to be."

"I didn't know he felt that way," said Jane after watching the reenactment.

When asked by Dr. Ish if that young boy is "gonna be okay or not," Aaron told him, "You're gonna be okay, you fight, you're strong." His voice cracking, he added, "You're gonna be really lonely though, you're not gonna have any friends."

Dr. V then asked if he had a message for his younger self. "I would tell you that you should've did it, you should have gotten emancipated," he said.

When Carter was 16, his parents -- who were his co-managers -- separated. During that time, in 2003, he initially sided with his father and filed for emancipation from his mom. He fired her as his manager and alleged she stole more than $100,000 from his bank account.

In 2004, however, they appeared to reconcile and he dropped his request.

"Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition" airs Fridays on WE tv.