RHONJ Recap: Melissa Gorga Explodes on Jennifer Aydin for Chucking Utensils Across the Table
The Biggest Housewives Blowouts of 2019

Is it even Wednesday if the Real Housewives of New Jersey aren't ruining a meal? See what prompted this Hamptons bloodbath!

Nothing gets wealthy Housewives fired up like a difference of opinion when it comes to money.

On Wednesday's new episode of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," Jackie Goldschneider took her co-stars to her beachfront home in the Hamptons. It was gorgeous. She told the ladies she pays $80,000 a year for upkeep and makes about $120,000 in return. No one was more impressed than Jennifer Aydin, who spent the entire episode gawking over all the family money and investments she didn't realize Jackie had.

Jackie, who's generally super private, wasn't too keen on answering all one million of Jennifer's questions about how much she makes, how many properties she owns, etc. -- but she kept her cool.

That is until the ladies went shopping. While a few of the women went to one store, Jennifer and Margaret Josephs went to another. Jennifer told Margaret she couldn't believe all the money Jackie has and said she was shocked she didn't throw her sons a better birthday party. (Earlier this season, Jennifer brought some of her kids to the Goldschneiders' and left thoroughly unimpressed with the event, which consisted of pickup basketball, pizza, Nutella cake and goodie bags Jackie didn't bother to take out of the Amazon box they came in.)

So while Jennifer was ranting about how "cheap" Jackie was for supplying her party guests with unsatisfactory pizza, Margaret defended her friend -- except she also kind of didn't? Margaret claimed the pizza wasn't a result of Jackie being cheap; she said it's because Jackie simply doesn't think about food or eating. Marge made a few different jokes on the topic, which probably wasn't in the best taste considering she knows Jackie's suffered with eating disorders for most of her life.

So fast-forward to the group lunch after the shopping spree. Upon sitting down, Jennifer got up to go use the restroom, at which point Margaret brought up to Jackie in front of the other women that Jennifer had called her cheap and was talking smack about her sons' birthday party. "She said that out loud?" a stunned Melissa Gorga asked.

Jackie was insanely insulted. "For Jennifer, it's this mentality of like, it's all about how much money she spends on things," she said. "And for me, it's not." By this point, Jennifer had returned to the table. "You're implying that I got cheap with the party that I threw my children because I didn't feed you gourmet food during it?" Jackie asked her, adding that her kids actually requested the pizza and Nutella cake.

"The kids of course don't care. The adults care!" Jennifer defended, but Jackie fired back, "Do you think I give a shit? Lower your mouth!"

Dolores Catania thought she was helping by adding, "Not everybody aspires to spend thousands of dollars on the parties that I have done, [Jennifer] has done, [Teresa Giudice] has done and [Melissa] has done."

"Okay, so then it's fair to say that she didn't wanna spend the money!" Jennifer insisted, quickly adding, "Take the stick out of your ass and enjoy life for a while!" Jackie said she spends her money when and how she wants, which Jennifer misinterpreted. "So you spend it on yourself and not your kids' parties?" she asked. Jackie, who was "on fire" over the unsolicited criticism of her parenting choices, fired back, "I don't spend it just to impress people."

After Jennifer told Jackie that the other kids would "soon forget" the unmemorable party, Margaret jumped in to reprimand her. So what did Jennifer do? She brought Margaret down with her: "She's the one who keeps saying that you have an issue with food also! She's the one who made jokes about your not eating!"

Jackie was visibly hurt by the revelation, which Margaret copped to immediately. She apologized for "making light" of Jackie's struggles, and Jackie accepted. That's when Melissa pointed out that Margaret didn't mean to hurt Jackie's feelings, whereas she felt Jennifer's remarks were meant maliciously. She said it was "more of an ignorance" when it comes to Jennifer not knowing social cues and what's acceptable.

After more back and forth between Jennifer and Jackie, Melissa interrupted to try to have Jackie's back, and in the process, incited Jennifer.

"Just so you know, the way you, me, us girls who throw lavish parties, guess who's winning?" This motherf--ker right here," Melissa said, pointing at Jackie. "Because she's a saver. She's very smart. She's not about the show. In the long run, you watch whose children are set up nice in 30 years. We're losers. She's winning."

"Why don't you shut the f--k up?! Are you saying my kids are not gonna be successful in 30 years?!" Jennifer shouted across the table. A confused Melissa replied, "Bitch, what are you talking about?"

"First of all, don't call me bitch. Bitch, don't call me a bitch! Take two steps back and take a f--king breather," Jennifer said to Melissa, who had become distracted by a side conversation with Dolores. So Jennifer started screeching, "Hello?! Hello?! Hello?!" and chucking silverware, napkins and anything she could get her hands across the table and toward Melissa.

Yup, that was Melissa's button! "I swear to God!" she hurled back as she sprung up from her seat and pointed/glared at Jennifer. "Walk away. Walk away! I'm telling you... Don't you ever!" While Dolores tried to physically retrain Melissa, Melissa told Teresa to "get her the f--k out of here now." Everyone was staring.

"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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