The Show-Stopping Looks That Really Turned Heads at the 2020 Grammy Awards

Fans get the brilliantly ridiculous game dominating social media as the K-Pop sensation debut "Black Swan," talk Grammys performance and tease upcoming world tour.

There's no denying the incredible star power of K-pop powerhouse BTS, and there was no further proof of that needed than their appearance on "The Late Late Show."

Having improved their English tremendously since their last appearance, the seven-member boy band discussed their upcoming world tour, the challenges of learning all those dance moves and even offered up their debut television performance of "Black Swan" for James Corden and their Beatles-esque screaming fans.

Seriously, this type of fan response to a group is rare in music, and BTS has taken it to a new level with their social media dominance. After their appearance on "Late Late" Tuesday night, they absolutely dominated the Top 10 trending topics on Twitter. In fact, at one point they occupied every slot.

From the names of members of the band -- each with their own gargantuan fanbase -- to associations with Corden. They even got Ashton Kutcher's name trending simply for playing a ridiculous game of hide-and-seek throughout the "Late Late" studio with James.

In all honesty, though, this game looked incredibly fun. With cameras mounted on their heads, James and Ashton were the seekers and all seven members of BTS were tasked with hiding throughout the studio.

The first to find four of them and bring them back one by one to the stage won the game. It proved far harder than you might think in a relatively small studio space.

This one came down to the wire, with some of the boys showing off great hiding places. Some were well hidden around the studio, while others infiltrated members of the show's staff, effectively hiding in plain sight. And we do mean effectively.

Check out the incredible game in the video above. You can see their "Black Swan" performance below, followed by the incredible online fan reaction to every bit of it.

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