Reza Farahan Unloads on 'Bottom Dwelling Piece of S----' for 'Creating' Problems In His Marriage
Costars Who Totally Hated Each Other

This argument appears to be the beginning of the end for Reza and MJ.

It's all downhill from here when it comes to "Shahs of Sunset" star Reza Farahan's relationship with longtime BFF Mercedes "MJ" Javid.

A sneak peek from Sunday's new episode of the Bravo reality show, Reza goes ballistic after a meeting with Destiney Rose and her friend Ali -- the same guy who made troubling allegations about Farahan's husband in the season premiere.

In a conversation with Destiney, Ali accused Adam of sharing nude photos to and playing strip Jenga with other men whenever Reza was out of town. The premiere ended with Reza confronting Adam with the intel, but viewers have yet to see how his husband responded.

Following what seems like a disastrous sitdown between Ali, Reza and Destiney in the clip above -- there's a broken glass on the table and Ali is covered in water -- Reza makes an angry call to MJ, asking if she orchestrated the whole controversy.

"Hey, Merc, did you tell Ali Ashouri to come confront me about sexually harassing people, that Adam has been sexually harassing him?" he says over the phone, fuming. "He told me that you told him that me and my husband don't have a good relationship. You're sharing with a weasel that I don't know and I don't trust things about my relationship."

MJ, who was in the Post-Natal ICU when the call happened, was about to answer but then a doctor came into the room. In a confessional, Reza asks, "Why would MJ share my most intimate sensitive information with someone she knows I hate, why?"

He then takes his frustrations out on Destiney, furious she was even speaking with someone who would make those allegations. "I don't want to be involved in this shit," she says, "I'm uncomfortable myself. You think I'm not f--king uncomfortable?!"

"He is a bottom dwelling piece of shit that's creating problems in my life and in my marriage," Reza shoots back, choking up. "If you want to be friends with him, that's on you, but I'm not gonna f--k with you anymore, it's that plain and simple."

The clip ends with Reza wondering if his friends are "laughing behind my back" over Adam possibly cheating on him.

We'll see how this all shakes out when "Shahs of Sunset" airs Sunday on Bravo. For now, see what Mike Shouhed told us about the feud -- and being in the middle of it all -- below!