Vanderpump Rules Recap: Jax Pretends to Squash Wedding Beef with Tom Sandoval
Inside Jax and Brittany's Fairytale Wedding

"I'm 100% not over what he's done," says Jax, after seemingly smoothing things over.

The feud between Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval over the former's wedding festivities appeared to be settled midway through Tuesday's new episode of "Vanderpump Rules." But was it, really?

After the two seemed to work things out, Jax revealed he was simply pretending to be cool with his former best friend ... leading to more tension later in the hour.

ICYMI: all hell broke loose previously on the show after Sandoval asked Jax why he and Brittany Cartwright waited so long to fire their wedding pastor, after his homophobic views were brought to light. Jax was ticked and eventually stripped Tom from his best man duties and disinvited him from the wedding.

On Tuesday's episode, Brittany admitted Tom had texted Jax a good apology, but Jax considered a text "after 20 years of friendship" to be "kinda like a slap in the face." Talk about the awkward situation intensified at Ariana Madix's birthday party, to which everyone in the cast was invited.

At the bash, Stassi Schroeder told Jax he "might have to be the bigger person and get over" their issues. He, however, didn't want to "be a rug," as in didn't "want to be walked over." With Ariana considering skipping the wedding too because her boyfriend was no longer welcome, Brittany said the whole situation was giving her "so much anxiety."

Eventually, Jax, Tom, Brittany and Ariana found a dark corner of the party to hash everything out. Brittany, who had unloaded on Sandoval when he voiced his concerns, said she wasn't "gonna hate you forever because we got in one argument." Tom said he felt "dead inside" after getting into it with the couple and Jax said he was "just looking for an 'I'm sorry.'"

"It felt like you just wanted me f--king gone dude," Tom told him. "I could have handled myself way better that day. I apologize for that." Jax said they had squashed their beef, calling it "water under the bridge." The two hugged it out, Jax said he wanted Tom to be his best man again and Sandoval accepted.

All good, right? Not so fast.

Immediately after that moment, Jax then said in a confessional that he was "100% not over" what Tom had done. "It's just easier just to shut everybody up about this and just make one less problem," he added.

Fast forward to the wedding weekend, as the cast arrived in Kentucky ahead of the big day. During rehearsal, there was some drama over which Tom would stand where. Since Sandoval was the best man, it would make sense for him to stand next to the groom when they all lined up following the procession. However, Jax wanted Schwartz by his side instead.

"Sandoval is not Tom #1 at this wedding, Tom Schwartz is," Jax said in a confessional. "Schwartz is my best friend, he needs to walk out first. I'm paying for this huge day and I want everything the way I want it, so this needs to be fixed and it needs to be fixed now."

Eventually, he had Brittany straighten it out and the Toms swapped places. Sandoval put on a good face, but he was clearly a little upset.

"When I thought I was gonna be standing right next to him, I was fighting back tears," he said to camera. "Being moved past Schwartz, it's expected but it hurts."

Fans will see the wedding itself play out next week. "Vanderpump Rules" airs Tuesdays on Bravo.

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