James Kennedy Says He's Nine Months Sober After Drunken Rage Texts to Raquel
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Leviss also says she's "so proud" of her boyfriend for taking his sobriety "seriously."

"Vanderpump Rules" viewers saw James Kennedy rage against girlfriend Raquel Leviss in a series of vile text messages -- but he swears he's a different person since filming Tuesday's new episode.

Appearing on "Watch What Happens Live" after the show aired, Kennedy said he made good on his promise to stop drinking, after some truly disturbing behavior alarmed his other half.

In case you missed it, after getting blackout drunk herself and leaving her phone in her purse, Raquel woke up to "a million texts" from James in which he called her a "whore" and "slut," said he hated her and threatened to break up with her. At first, he blamed her for making him drink more by being MIA, then said it was just his English "tone," before she finally delivered an ultimatum: stop drinking or it's over.

Saying it was time to take the situation "seriously," he agreed he wouldn't drink anymore and would also go to Al-Anon meetings with her.

After showing a clip from the episode on "WWHL," Kennedy told Andy Cohen he was "going onto nine months sober," adding that he hadn't "had a drink in nearly nine months and I feel completely different to what I was watching here."

"I have been to AA meetings and stuff since then and I've really taken hold of my life and try to change it for the better and change our relationship for the better," he continued. "I know I should be doing this for me, but I'm also doing it for my relationship with Raquel."

Cohen called him out for sneaking alcohol in the past after saying he was no longer drinking, but Kennedy was adamant that wasn't the case this time.

"I have hidden that before and I have lied about that before," he admitted. "This time I'm not lying to myself about it and it feels incredible. Eventually the people will see too."

After "Vanderpump Rules" aired on Tuesday, Leviss took to Instagram to talk about the "emotional" episode.

"I teared up watching it back, seeing the exact moment our relationship took a turn for the better," she wrote, sharing a photo of her and James. "I am not tolerating this behavior any longer and James' decision to take his sobriety seriously means the absolute world to me. So proud of you."