Ramona Singer 'Very Blessed' to Be In Self-Isolation with Ex-Husband and Daughter (Exclusive)
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The coronavirus threat came as Ramona was already battling Lyme disease.

They may not be together together, but Ramona Singer feels fortunate her ex-husband Mario is around as she and their daughter Avery self-isolate from the coronavirus in Florida.

Avery surprised "Real Housewives of New York" fans when she shared video of the exes and herself all having dinner together during their self-imposed quarantine, calling it a "plot twist."

To Ramona, however, it's been a blessing.

"I'm good. I'm very blessed. I'm in a beautiful place with my daughter and her father," she told TooFab on Tuesday. "And we're together. Not like we're a family ... I guess we are ... are we family? Not as husband and wife, but family. It's nice for everyone."

Noting that some of her friends are "totally isolated by themselves," she said she considers herself "lucky I have two people that I care about" by her side through the pandemic.

It's been a scary time in general for Ramona, who was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease and is still in recovery mode from that. She first came out with her diagnosis earlier this month, after she started feeling ill mid-February.

"What made me really go to [preventative internist Dr. Bernard Schayes] was I got very sick. I didn't know if it was the flu or sinus infection," she told TooFab. "And I went to him because I had to film and it had to be ready and feeling good right away. And I went to him saying, listen, I'm going to use you as a preventative internist but I need to see you now and he says fine."

She had her visit, they did bloodwork, ran an EKG and hooked her up to "all these machines," with Schayes telling her, "I'm the doctor that has the least amount of patients going to Mount Sinai. They get mad at me, you don't send any patients here. I want to fix something before it becomes a problem."

With a trip to Aspen on the books, she checked in with him again and said she wasn't getting better. "I don't know what's wrong," she recalled telling him, "I'm very tired. I have a headache. I never get headaches."

Days before she left on her trip, the doc sat her down and asked how she was feeling. "Well, I'm really tired. I don't know why. I usually have boundless energy and I have a headache," she said. "He goes, 'Do you have brain fog?' I go, 'Yeah.' He showed me this report and on it had Lyme disease seven times."

"I like, flipped out and started to cry," she recalled. "I go, oh, my God, do I have to go to hospital, under intravenous? That's what you have to do when it's been delayed." The doctor, however, assured her they caught it early and it wouldn't be chronic.

It was during her trip to Colorado that the coronavirus pandemic really started to grow in severity.

"I was on heavy duty medication and the virus started to hit New York," said Ramona. "We knew it was going to come to New York. So my one good friend said maybe you should go to the Hamptons and not go to Aspen and I said no, no nobody's gonna have it in Aspen, I'll be safe in Aspen, I can recuperate in Aspen, it's my happy place."

"Lo and behold, five days later I have to exit Aspen because it invaded there too," she said.

Ramona has been in Florida since and seems to be enjoying her time in self-isolation, even hitting the beach ... while keeping a safe distance from everyone else (above).

The new season of "RHONY" premieres Thursday, April 2 on Bravo.

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