Courteney Cox Fails at Friends Trivia Against Jimmy Kimmel's Cousin
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"I don't remember even being on the show," says Cox.

Courteney Cox just started binge watching "Friends" from the beginning, but that did not help her in a game of Monica-based trivia against a show super-fan.

Jimmy Kimmel had the actress FaceTime into his at-home monologue on Wednesday night, where she spilled a bit about the now-delayed reunion with the cast before going head-to-head against one of the talk show host's family members.

"Many of you are at home watching 'Friends' because you can't be with your real ones," said Kimmel, introducing his guest. "So what better time to possibly check in with everyone's friend, from the Cox family compound here in Southern California, Courteney Cox!"

Cox said she's been in lockdown for about two weeks now and had no idea what day it was anymore. She and daughter Coco have already gone though all their junk food, with Courteney joking, "We need to go to the grocery store, which is the scariest part."

Kimmel asked about the reunion special for HBO Max, which will be the new streaming home for the series when it launches later this year. According to Courteney, everyone in the cast -- sans David Schwimmer, who was in NY -- had already met up with the reunion producer to go over logistics. They were all scheduled to film this week, but the coronavirus pandemic put a major delay in those plans.

Saying she keeps getting asked questions about the show, Cox said she barely remembers it at all. "I have such a bad memory. I remember loving everybody there and having fun and I remember certain times of my life I was there, but I don't remember episodes," she said.

"I decided during this time, people love the show so much, I decided to binge-watch 'Friends," she revealed. "I just started Season 1, it's really good. I bought it on Amazon Prime."

Kimmel then said he asked his cousin's son Anthony to be a guest and do some Friends trivia, not knowing he'd be doing it against one of the stars of the show. With Jimmy saying the questions would be all Monica-based, Cox added, "That doesn't help."

Anthony was surprised to see who his opponent would be when he was finally looped in, saying it was "the greatest moment" of his life. While it was a great experience for him, Cox didn't fare as well. Throughout the game Kimmel asked them to name Ross and Monica's parents, say who Monica's first kiss was with, who peed on her leg after the jellyfish sting, when she learned to tell time and who officiated her wedding to Chandler.

Anthony rung in first every time and got them almost all correct, though Cox did share some personal intel about some of the answers.

With Kimmel's cousin winning, Jimmy told Courteney to "pick some item out of your house and send it to Anthony." The game ended with a virtual kiss.

HBO Max is still scheduled to launch in May.

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