It seems as though Kim Kardashian can't do anything without stirring up a little controversy -- even a charitable trip to Haiti!

The reality TV star went to Haiti earlier this month with mom Kris Jenner to meet with actress Maria Bello about her charity, We Advance -- but The National Enquirer now says she went to a fashion show and "spent a fortune" pampering herself while there.

The report has Kim upset, so much so that she took to her blog earlier today to tell her side.

"While my experience was completely life-changing… a very emotional and surprisingly positive journey that I will never forget, some media outlets have tried to tarnish the motive behind my visit and have written completely ridiculous and untrue things," she writes.

Kim continues, "The truth is that I was at the Haitian Artisan Fair, where the amazing men and women who make their jewelry and crafts sell them to visitors to make a living, and I bought some beautiful jewelry!!"

"Reading this made me so disappointed in the media," says Kim. "Taking such a positive thing and writing something malicious and untrue. The journalists obviously didn’t bother to do their research and instead published a ridiculous story to sell copies."

Kim's no stranger to untrue tabloid fodder, but this instance really got her riled up.

"When a magazine makes the decision to twist the truth and write lies like that, it belittles the entire experience we had in Haiti, and I won’t let them do that."

Kim shared some photos from her trip as well -- check those out above.

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