0120_spies_singleThe new spy thriller "Haywire" is now in theaters, with the gorgeous Gina Carano kicking some major bad-guy butt all over the globe.

The 29-year-old MMA-fighter-turned-actress stars as a Mallory Kane, a highly-trained special ops agent who is double-crossed while on a mission and left for dead.

Like all good spies, Mallory must utilize everything at her disposal -- brains, brawn, beauty, and intense fighting skills -- to accomplish her mission -- which in this case is to just get out alive!

While Gina's Mallory definitely falls into the sexy category, check out our picks of the 10 Sexiest Spies on Film -- including Halle Berry's Bond babe Jinx and Angelina Jolie's sultry Mrs. Smith.

Their looks can definitely kill!

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