Rihanna clearly DOES NOT want to talk about her love life.

While she sings about finding love in her songs and opens up about her past with Chris Brown in magazines, the singer shut down her second reporter who tried to ask her about relationships on camera.

RiRi did an interview with Australia's version of the "Today" show, "Sunrise," while promoting "Battleship" down under.

It was all going well ... until the reporter veered away from the movie.

"How frustrating is it when you're linked with another big star, even if you've barely met them?" she asked, a clear reference to rumors Rihanna was dating Ashton Kutcher.

"Very frustrating, almost as frustrating as being asked about it ... what's the point," Rihanna replied in a very uncomfortable exchange.

The reporter says that's where the interview "abruptly" ended.

The singer also slammed a reporter last month during a press conference for her movie when a different reporter mentioned Ashton too.

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