The MTV Movie Awards got off to an awkward start last night -- when an audience member heckled Mila Kunis during the first award introduction of the evening.

Mila and "Ted" costar Mark Wahlberg hit the stage to present the award for Best On-Screen Dirtbag, but Kunis was interrupted midway through her intro by someone in the audience shouting something obscene at the actress.

That's when Marky Mark looked ready for a beat down -- asking Mila "Excuse me? What'd he say?" while looking threateningly at the crowd.

They eventually moved on ... but it was definitely an awkward moment.

After the show, MTV caught up with Mark who explained what went down in his own words.

"When I came onstage, some random heckler in the crowd said something vulgar to Mila," he said. "So that's why I got a little upset. I did say somebody was going to get slapped, but I figure it's Sunday, I went to church, I'm feeling forgiving right now."

We can't really tell what was said, but Kunis was clearly offended.

Check out more show highlights in the gallery below:


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