The first full trailer for "Paranormal Activity 4" is here -- and this time around, it's all about the webcam.

Thanks to the clip we get a better look into the plot of latest entry in the freaky film franchise.

While Parts 2 and 3 were prequels to the original flick, the Part 4 is set in November 2011 -- and the trailer teases that "All the activity has lead to this."

The action appears to center around a family, specifically a young girl with a webcam, who comes face to face with the famous demon after a mysterious child (kidnapped Hunter from Part 2?) moves in next door.

Of course, the trailer for "Paranormal Activity 3" contained a ton of footage that had nothing to do with the final film ... so who knows if the same can be said for this movie too.

We'll find out for sure when the movie opens this October.

Are you still interested in this creepy series? Or are you over it? Sound off below.

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