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Olivia Newton-John celebrates her 64th birthday today -- and to mark the occasion, we're taking a look back at one of the best movie musicals ever: "Grease."

Hard to believe Olivia was actually 29 when she played teenager Sandy Olsson in the flick, which came out 34 years ago this summer!

The movie helped shoot both Olivia and John Travolta to super stardom, expanding Travolta's film career after the success of 1977's "Saturday Night Fever."

The two tried to recapture the magic in 1983's "Two of a Kind," but it just wasn't the same and the movie was a critical and financial failure.

With its great performances, killer song and dance routines and '50s flair, the movie is one of a kind.

So what happened to the rest of the cast in the 34 years since its release? Check out the gallery above to see the stars' successes and tragedies.

Thanks to the Los Angeles Times for a current photo of Sid Caesar.

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