1005_fatone_singleJoey Fatone's stint on "Dancing with the Stars: All Stars" may have come to end, but the former boy bander is ready to turn the tables.

Joey is a judge on the wildly popular web series "D-trix Presents Dance Showdown," which pairs 12 YouTube celebrities (Brittani Louise Taylor, Prank vs. Prank, Chester See and many more) with dance pros to compete for a cash prize.

The contestants don't have to be the best technically, but they must be entertaining.

Other judges include Lady Gaga's choreographer Laurieann Gibson and YouTube personalities Ryan Higa, Shane Dawson and Dave Days.

Season 2 premieres today, and you can meet the contestants below.

Joey chatted with toofab to talk about what he's looking for, his "DWTS" and *NSYNC days, and his advice to boy bands like One Direction.

toofab: What does it take to become a great dancer? What quality do you look for as a judge?

Joey: I am not very technical.  I like to concentrate on the entertainment side and having fun.

toofab: How was it being paired up with Kym Johnson again on “Dancing with the Stars”?

Joey: She is a great friend.  And I was excited to be able to dance with her again.

toofab: Looking back at your *NSYNC days, who was the best dancer of the group?

Joey: Me! [laughs]

toofab: What was your favorite dance heavy *NSYNC music video?

Joey: "Bye Bye Bye" (rewatch the classic video here)

toofab: Have any advice for the boy bands of today? (i.e. One Direction)

Joey: You should dance ... and practice!

New episodes of "Dance Showdown" will air every Friday.

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