Apparently "Two and a Half Men" isn't the only "filth" on TV.

The guys of "The Office" take aim at  Angus T. Jones' wild, religious outburst against his show in a new spoof video for shameless (but hilarious) self-promotion.

In the new video, Rainn Wilson (Dwight) channels Angus -- asking fans to turn off their TVs and not to watch the final season of his own show.

Rainn, like Jones, call his show “filth” and explains how watching “The Office” can rot your brain …  while plugging the NBC comedy's scheduled night and time.

Craig Robinson, who plays Darryl, also pulls off a pretty great impersonation of the young star’s religious mentor, Christopher Hudson – making sure to look away from the camera throughout Rainn’s rant.

If you haven’t seen the 19-year-old actor’s religious tirade regarding “Two and a Half Men,” check out the video below.

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