If you got it, flaunt it!

Kelly Osbourne is showing off her trim figure in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan Body. The self-declared "former fat person" has lost a whopping 69lbs over the last few years -- and she's looking better than ever!

The 28-year-old wows on the cover of the mag wearing just a tiny plaid bikini, and opens up about her stunning transformation.

"Working out is not fun, I'm not going to lie and say it is. I sweat my arse off and I'm miserable for the hour that I'm doing it but when I'm done, I feel amazing," she confesses to Cosmo.

While the purple-haired beauty works her butt off in the gym, she still has to watch what she eats. "There's no quick fix and it does take a long time. It drives you mad when you see someone eating chips when you can't have any, but it's so worth it."


The "Fashion Police" star admits that she still eats chocolate and cake from time-to-time, but everything is done in moderation.

"If you want to change your body you can't just diet; if you do that, you lose weight, then you get fat. You've got to commit to a whole life change and teach yourself a whole new lifestyle," she says.

Honestly, it's refreshing to hear a celeb be totally honest about staying fit (it's hard work!) ... unlike most who say that they're just lucky and can eat anything. Please.

Order a copy of the UK's Cosmopolitan Body to see Kelly's full interview with the mag and see more of Kelly's slim style in the gallery below!


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