What's life like when you're a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, past "Bachelor" contestant (who got royally screwed over), wife, mommy, fitness nut, and the newly-crowned champion of "Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars?" In a word, hectic.

toofab caught up with gorgeous lady Melissa Rycroft -- who somehow manages to fill all these roles -- to talk about her busy life, the holidays, and how she hold onto her daily memories.


"I have a crazy chaotic life," the 29-year-old said when we asked why she wanted to share her personal pictures with fans. "I get a lot of people asking 'What's a normal week in your life look like?' I thought it would be fun to document the craziness."

Melissa sent us a slew of photos that she took with her new NOKIA Lumia 920, and being the holiday season, we get to see lots of adorableness with her baby girl Ava!

"I just wanted to document the pictures that are on my real phone that I don't necessarily get to share all the time -- a holiday dinner for my family, Ava opening first present -- and I just wanted to share that with the fans."


The wife of Tye Strickland has fallen in love with her new phone, and judging by the pics she sent over, for good reason!

"What I look for in my phone is a camera that I can use on a daily basis that takes high-quality pictures," she explained. "I'm on the go, working in really cool places, and I hadn't found a phone that gave me pictures that I could frame when I got to the house." 

She's got plenty of those photos now, but there's still one pic that Melissa hasn't been able to capture -- her 22-month-old with Santa.

"We've attempted to meet Santa a few times, and we've never really gone thru with it because she starts screaming," Rycroft laughed. "But I know I'm gonna have to sit her on his lap to get the picture of her screaming ... but it also breaks my heart because she's so scared of him!"

Click "Launch Gallery" below to see all of Melissa's personal shots from her daily life, including plenty of sweet little (non-crying) Ava, and Melissa's handsome hubby!


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