Jennifer Lawrence is a pervert ... at least when it comes to John Stamos.

The "Silver Linings Playbook" star revealed she'd love to share a "Full House" with Uncle Jesse last night on "Conan." Have mercy!

But the 22-year-old completely freaked when she met her celebrity crush.

"I was [like] a perverted guy," she told Conan O'Brien. "I was like following him into rooms and staring at his ass. I lost my mind."

It got so awkward Stamos actually asked if she "was on mushrooms."

This girl can do no wrong. After referencing "Mean Girls," "The First Wives Club" and "My Super Sweet 16" during acceptance speeches and being candid about her "uneven breasts," J-Law has become one of the most likeable and relatable stars out there.

Check out another clip from Conan below, where she revealed a very embarrassing role she had on "Monk" back in the day:

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