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Jennifer Aniston turns 44 years old today ... or at least parts of her do.

And long before she became "America's Sweetheart" on "Friends," the actress (and her original nose) got her first big break in the 1992 horror movie "Leprechaun."

I have a tradition of watching the god-awful movie every St. Patrick's Day, just to get a laugh out of the now-megastar's humble beginnings and lines like "F**k you, Lucky Charms."

There really is no better sight than Aniston looking frantically for a four-leaf clover so she can defeat the menacing 3' 6" Warwick Davis, all while sporting her pre-plastic surgery nose. (In case you forgot, Aniston admitted she went under the knife to fix a "deviated septum." Uh huh.)

But Jen is hardly the only big star out there who got their start fighting off chainsaw wielding, knife-finger sporting, machete master maniacs. 

Check out the gallery above to see stars like Salma Hayek, Demi Moore, Jamie Lee Curtis and even the perfect Johnny Depp "slumming" it in horror.

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