media_removed_toofab 2013

Not even 2 years old and already sick of the paparazzi? Oh how we love Harper Beckham!

The adorable little girl was spotted with her mom Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, leaving a Fashion Week show in New York City on Tuesday.

Mini-Posh couldn't be cuter in a navy jacket with a (hopefully faux) fur hood, black tights and boots, while throwing up a "step-off" hand to the photographers posted outside.

(OK, maybe she was actually just waving which is even cuter, but we love the idea of her dramatically shooing away the paps.)

Oh, and did we mention that Victoria is sporting a giant rock on her left hand?! So she gets hottie David Beckham as a hubby, adorable kids like little Harper, and huge bling? Ugh. I want to be Victoria Beckham when I grow up...

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