Brandi Glanville's never-ending publicity tour for her book continues today on "Anderson Live" -- and now she's taking aim at someone new: Adrienne Maloof's new boyfriend, Sean Stewart.

While the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star has been very vocal about her distaste for ex-husband Eddie Cibrian, his new wife LeAnn Rimes and her costar in the past, we now know what she also thinks of Rod Stewart's son dating Adrienne ... and it ain't pretty.

"Yikes, it's a bad visual for me. The whole thing," Glanville says about the new couple. "It's just those two people. It just makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little and swallow it."

As for Brandi, she's enjoying a new relationship now too.

"There is a cute male model boy in my life right now," she told Anderson. "He is in his 40s, which is cute except that he's a male model ... what is he doing to do when he's 50?"

Check out the video about to see what she also thinks about men sending her x-rated photos over text message.

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