Last night's episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" took a serious turn, when Kim and Kyle Richards confronted castmate Taylor Armstrong about her drinking.

Taylor's behavior this season has been erratic, culminating in last week's episode when she didn't know where her daughter Kennedy was.

Monday's intervention was particularly ... for lack of a better word ... sobering, because Kim recently completed a stint in rehab for her own alcoholism. Watch:

toofab's Lawrence Yee caught up with Taylor late last week before the episode aired, where she discussed her struggles and how she's overcoming them:

She also told toofab: "I don't really quite agree with [Kim's] perspective. I'm not sure that someone who's been in and out of recovery for as long as she has should be diagnosing and treating. I have a professional psychiatrist I work with who is a specialist in those kinds of things and I feel that's a more appropriate person I should be speaking to."

As she revealed in our interview and posted in her Bravo blog, Taylor took time off in the mountains, where she was able to heal and Kennedy enjoyed skiing. She also moved out of the house she and her deceased husband Russell Armstrong shared, and stopped her medication.

When asked about a possibility of a fourth season, which she's rumored not to be a part of, Taylor simply responded: "It's really up in the air. Who knows?"

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