Well, that's where s--t talking will land you ... in the bathroom!

In an interview on the "Dana and Jeffery in the Morning" show, Brandi Glanville opens up about her recent run-in with foe-star Adrienne Maloof at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills last week (March 4).

Us Weekly reports that while talking to WBLI's Jeffrey Jameson and Shelley Rome, Glanville admits the encounter was "very uncomfortable," adding, "I just like caught a glimpse of her and I was like 'oh shoot.'"

Before coming face to face with Maloof, Brandi asked her friends to switch tables so she didn't have to sit in Adrienne's direct line of vision.

"So we moved tables because I didn't want to sit and look at her across the room the whole time. So, of course, right when I go to the bathroom, she's in the bathroom too. I'm like 'oh my god! Why!?,'" she tells the hosts.

At least the women both decided to take the high road, and instead of arguing they each kept quiet. "We went to the bathroom. I washed my hands, she washed her hands. I put on my makeup. I wasn't going to leave the bathroom because she's in there. That's ridiculous," Brandi says. "I didn't say anything and I went back to my table and was like 'that was very uncomfortable.'"

Yeah, we'd probably stay quiet too if we were allegedly being sued by the Maloofs. Check out Glanville's full interview with Dana and Jeffery airing Tuesday!

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