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Ryan Gosling may be taking a hiatus from acting, but he's sure one sexy director!

The 32-year-old is making his directorial debut for "How To Catch A Monster." On Wednesday, Gosling stepped on set to start filming his new flick which will star his "Drive" costar, Christina Hendricks and his girlfriend, Eva Mendes.

Besides directing the new film, the screenplay was also written by Ryan. "How To Catch A Monster" will focus on a single mother (Christina Hendricks) and her son who discover a dark underworld when her little boy finds a secret road leading to an underwater town.

Matt Smith, who also stars in the flick, raved about Gosling's project to Total Film. "So I read his film and I thought it was brilliant. And then I auditioned and we spent about four hours together doing some stuff, and he filmed it on his iPhone. And that was it. And now I’m going off to shoot it in a couple of weeks," Smith said.

The "Gangster Squad" actor personally called both Smith and Hendricks for the part. Yeah, Ryan's a boss.

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