It's been a busy couple days in the TV world -- with a ton of shows getting the axe, one coming back from the dead and a new Marvel show releasing its first trailer!

Here's some of the biggest news (so far!) this morning:

1.) Jack Bauer is Back!

FOX just confirmed that "24" is returning as a 12-episode miniseries dubbed "24: Live Another Day." The series will follow Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer as he likely stops yet another terrorist threat on American soil. Since it's only 12 episodes, the show will still be in real time, but will skip hours between shows.

2.) Marvel Hits the Small Screen

After the success of "Iron Man 3," Marvel is expanding their universe to TV -- with ABC releasing the first trailer for their upcoming series, "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Described as the continuation of "The Avengers," the series sees the return of Agent Coulson ... though we're not sure how yet.

3.) Barbara Walters is Signing Off

After 37 years with ABC News, Barbara Walters is ready to retire. She'll reportedly make the announcement on "The View" on Monday, but is expected to sign off next summer. According to ABC News, she'll still appear on "The View" and anchor specials for the network until then.

4.) Seth Meyers Moves to Late Night

The "Saturday Night Live" writer and "Weekend Update" anchor is taking over Jimmy Fallon's "Late Night" slot when the talk show host moves to "The Tonight Show." "We think Seth is one of the brightest,  most insightful comedy writers and performers of his generation," NBC said in a statement. What do you think of the choice?

5.) The Grim Reaper Visited NBC

It feels like the network canceled more shows than any other channel -- with the peacock saying sayonara to "Smash," "Whitney," "Deception" and many other series. No word yet on "Hannibal," which has been struggling in the ratings.

To see what other shows got the axe on CBS, ABC, FOX and The CW, click here.

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